Tech Street: Five Safety Apps Every Woman Must Have On Her Smartphone
Tech Street: Five Safety Apps Every Woman Must Have On Her Smartphone
Want as we may, the world is still not a safe place for women. Here's a look at five safety apps that can save the day in case of emergencies.
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Animals Rejoice Over Cageless Zoo And Salman Khan Takes Up Gardening In Mumbai This Week
he city's first cageless zoo, a mama's boy tells it like it is, kids get busted for dirty dancing and Salman Khan turns into a 'bhaigetable'.
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DGCA Bitchslaps Spicejet, Rakhi Sawant Declares Her Assets And Mumbai Police Achieve Superhero Status In Mumbai This Week
The DGCA gets its panties in a bunch again, a man signs his own death warrant by siding with his maid instead of his wife, the Highway Police doesn't want you to pee or eat on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway at night and Rakhi Sawant declared her assets.
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Summers are synonymous with delicious, juicy mangoes. So here is our list of the best mango vendors and mango specials in the city.
A Bandit Groom, Lots Of Gold, Optimistic Mumbai Local Travellers And Rakhi Swant In Mumbai This Week
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