#OMGLOLWTF: 10 Bizarre Products You’ll Find In Your Local Supermarket That Will Blow Your Mind


We are a bizarre nation, at best. We have people like Rakhi Sawant dressed as a green chilli running for elections, our television viewing consists of shows where ‘super’ cops are seen battling prehistoric dinosaurs, and we have Sonam Kapoor, you know what I mean? Our tryst with the weird, wonderful and slightly neurotic transcends into every facet of our existence, including our consumer durables. Here is our list of 10 bizarre things you will find in your local supermarket. This unbelievable festive offer
Unbelievable Bargain
Unbelievable Bargain, Image Courtesy - www.pak101.com
I’m popping the cork on that Moët & Chandon bottle I’ve been saving, because this special festive offer takes the bloody bakery. *faints with excitement* This check-mate of a snack.  Chess Ball FTW
Chess Ball FTW, Image courtesy - Facebook
Yep, just bought myself a pack of chess ball. Your move. These condoms for people with acquired ‘tastes’  Bangkok Nights
Bangkok Nights, Image Courtesy - http://www.in.all.biz/
Planning a night of sweet, sweet lovin’? No need to bust out those scented candles that you paid too much for at Trésorie, to set the mood. Bangkok Nights ‘raat raani’ scented condoms (that’s right) will get the job done. Yep, nothing gets us ladies into the mood more than when your trouser trout smells like potpourri. And if you’re lady love needs a little liquid courage, what’s better than the ‘scotch whiskey’ flavour? I’m not sure many chicks dig scotch-whiskey, Mr. Jhaverian. You might want to release a fifth flavour – Roofie Colada. Oh, and I read that last one as ‘muesli’. You know, like for the health-conscious lover. My bad, but do you really blame me? This ‘special’ promise for a breath of confidence.
Retardex, Image Courtesy - Facebook
This nail-care regime that’s got swag. Hiphophooray
Hiphophooray, Image Courtesy - Facebook
I got 99 problems, but chipped nail polish ain’t one. Umm-hummm! *finger snap* This profane fabric softener.
112 Lavadas
112 Lavadas, Image Courtesy - Facebook
112...that's just about how many any self-respecting person would give. This cautionary tale.
Are You a Scorpio?
Are You a Scorpio? - Image Courtesy - Facebook
Beware kids, if you smoke or chew tobacco, you WILL turn into a scorpion.  Then don’t say that the health department didn’t warn you. Sorry but...
Kids Cream
Kids Cream - Image Courtesy - tradeindia.com
Ew. This piece of nostalgia.
BlackBerry Agarbatti
BlackBerry Agarbatti, Image Courtesy - www.sangyug.com
 With the phone company on life support, at least these agarbattis will be a gentle reminder of the days when BBM was the boss. And this cheeky advertisement for Water Kingdom.
Gila Fun
Gila Fun, Image Courtesy - Team Mumbai Mag
I want to meet the agency that pitched this tagline to the client. And nailed it. No pun intended.

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