#OMGLOLWTF: 15 Signs You Have Just Been Visited By A Relative From Dubai


Everyone has a relative who lives in Dubai, right? The one you only see once a year (for one whole month, in most cases), when they ‘come down’ on a holiday. These relatives are like the desi version of Santa Claus, stuffing their suitcases with as many presents and mementos for close family and distant relatives alike. And when they’re in town, you just know, because there are signs everywhere. Here are 15 tell-tale signs that you have just been visited by a relative from Dubai. 1. Packets of these babies are doled out like Red Cross supplies to drought-stricken villages to everyone who comes home to visit.
Take me to the candy shop
Take me to the candy shop, Image Courtesy - onlinecandyshop.com
2. Your ‘showcase’ has these three things in there now.
Show n' Tell
Show n' Tell, Image Courtesy Team Mumbai Mag
3. Your fridge looks like this for the next 1 year. Maybe longer.
Dubai Fridge Magnets
Dubai Fridge Magnets, Image Courtesy - Team Mumbai Mag
4. Your relatives insist on taking prints of their ‘adventures’ for you to keep on your mantelpiece.
They See Me Rollin'
They See Me Rollin', Image Courtesy - Tripadvisor.com
5. You could get diabetes just from looking at the amount of boxes of this you now have.
Halawa-Hawai, Image Courtesy - alakhdar.com
6. You have enough mementos from the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab to open your own store.
Burj Khalifa - Cousin of Wiz Khalifa
Burj Khalifa - Cousin of Wiz Khalifa, Image Courtesy -Team Mumbai Mag
7. Your dining table now has these awesome salt and pepper ‘sheikh-ers’.
Salt n Peppa Sheikhers
Salt n Peppa Sheikhers, Image Courtesy, Pinterest.com
8. You’re watching ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ on your new 52-inch flat screen TV, bought during Dubai Shopping Festival.
Simmering Tele
Simmering Tele, Image Courtesy - thehindu.com & Team Mumbai Mag
9. Your kitchen is stocked with a lifetime supply of this bad boy.
Got Nido?
Got Nido?, Image Courtesy - packitgourmet.com
10. Your goodie bag is filled with presents, mostly bought from here.
Dirham Shop FTW!
Dirham Shop FTW! Image Courtesy - karamastuff.blogspot.com
11. Someone carries this for you in their hand baggage.
Om Nom Nom, Image Couresy - cargocollective.com
12. Your house now smells like Natural Vanilla, Tropical Fruit, Mixed Berry, Beach Breeze, Apple Cinnamon, or Tangerine Sunshine. Thank you, IKEA!
Ikea  Candles
Ikea Candles, Image Courtesy - ikea.com
13. You're wearing this T-shirt right now, sitting in Mumbai.
I Heart Dubai
I Heart Dubai, Image Courtesy - zazzle.com
14. All your vices are fed, thanks to the Dubai Duty Free.
Oasis had it right
Oasis had it right, Image Courteesy - Team Mumbai Mag
15. Someone thought this eyesore would make a great fashion statement back in the city.
Go home Carolina Herrara, you're drunk
Go home Carolina Herrara, you're drunk, Image Courtesy - http://candyandcouture.wordpress.com/

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