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Creamy Parmesan Pasta at Belcibo

Bel Cibo: For Your Pasta Cravings

One can never have enough options for lunch. Everything can get boring after a point, right? But with innumerable tiny eateries that have cropped up in Lower Parel, chances are that you’ll be spoilt for choices. The newest member to join this bandwagon of eateries is Bel Cibo. Located in Lower Parel, behind a bus...


Plain Dosa, Cafe Bean Garu

Cafe Bean Garu: Home Is Where The Dosa Is!

At 24, most people wish to venture in the world of fashion and glamour. And then there are people like Afshan Virani who take the road less travelled and start one of the quirkiest South Indian restaurants in the city, Café Bean Garu. Afshan always knew that she wanted to be a restaurateur. So she...