Care And Cure For City Strays: Discover NGOs Advocating Animal Welfare In Mumbai


Horse Project Week by YODA. Image by YODA

At the risk of stating the obvious, Mumbai is truly one crowded city. We not only have a huge number of people but also animals. And though most people manage to fend for themselves, it is the animals that have a hard time in the ever growing urban jungle. Stray animals, big or small, are plagued with various problems from the growing populace to ill treatment, bad health, lack of shelter and much more. While some people pity their condition, most people turn a blind eye. And then there are those who have devoted their lives for the welfare and betterment of animals of all kinds. These NGOs working for animals primarily rely on donations from well-wishers and volunteers who can help them further their cause. We bring to you the details of such Mumbai based NGOs that are silently working to make this city a safe and happy place for animals too.

Horse Project Week by YODA. Image by YODA FB page
Horse Project Week by YODA. Image by YODA FB page

Youth Organization in Defense of Animals (YODA) Formed in Mumbai by five animal enthusiasts, Priya, Pooja, Akarsh, Priyanshi and Radhika, YODA works towards the benefit of all animals. These young people were exposed to the harsh realities of how animals are treated in India. That is when they decided to form YODA and change the condition of animals in our society. Their endeavor is to get every family to include an animal member amongst them. YODA’s activities include rescuing abandoned & ill-treated animals, sterilizing stray dogs and cats, transporting and medically treating animals. They also foster animals and help them find new homes by facilitating adoption. They also conduct house checks before and after the pets are placed to ensure that they are being well looked after. YODA is also coming up with fundraising activities which will help gather funds for the betterment of more animals. Contact: Pooja Sakpal - 9870252558

A cat being treated inside the AMTM mobile clinic. Image by AMTM FB page
A cat being treated inside the AMTM mobile clinic. Image by AMTM FB page

Animals Matter to Me (AMTM) AMTM is an NGO that actively works for the welfare of birds and animals. Ganesh Nayak and Ankita Pathak are amongst the team members spearheading AMTM in Mumbai. They are strongly involved in rescuing animals & birds, adoption, medical aid, animal birth control programs & creating awareness in the community. AMTM regularly organizes feeding programs for animals which are currently being held at the In Defense of Animals (IDA) Shelter in Deonar.

They also provide rice to animal feeders across the city. AMTM also has a special sterilization program and rehabilitation center for stray cats called ‘CATZILLA’ as cats are not under the Municipal Corporation’s mandate for sterilization. One of their key activities is ‘Shelter Management’ wherein they identify small organizations working for animals with few or no funds. AMTM then takes them under their wing and works towards turning them around.  The IDA is one such project. Most importantly, AMTM started a pet ambulance which is more like a mobile pet clinic that services all needy animals in the city. They have three such vital vans in their fleet donated by various well-wishers. Contact: Ganesh Nayak - 9819380310 

The WSD stall at the Kala Ghoda Festival. Image by WSD FB page
The WSD stall at the Kala Ghoda Festival. Image by WSD FB page

Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD) Dedicated to helping stray dogs in the city, WSD was established in 1985 by Mr. N.W. Alimchandani. Today, Arvind Shah (CEO) and his team take forward the cause. The main aim of WSD is to eradicate rabies, promote stray dog adoption and educate people about the issues of stray dogs and how they can be tackled. Since 1989 they have been carrying out mass sterilization programs for stray dogs. Their area of work includes the municipal dog pound and kennels provided by BMC in addition to the slums and other parts of the city.

They also help run a homeopathy clinic where pet and stray animals are treated for various problems. They have a first aid team that provides on-site treatment to dogs and also holds free workshops on basic first aid for stray dogs. WSD also carries out extensive programs in slums, schools and various other areas to teach people about dog care, rabies prevention and so on. They also have various products for dogs and dog lovers and set up stalls at various events. The products you buy can generate funds for the well-being of several dogs. Contact: 022-64222838

Doggies look forward to their meal at IDA.Image by IDA FB page
Doggies look forward to their meal at IDA.Image by IDA FB page

In Defense of Animals (IDA) In Defense of Animals, was formed in 1996. In the initial years they worked in various makeshift camps. The Deonar centre was handed over to them by the BMC in 1999 and was functional from 2000. They started with spaying & neutering street animals and rendering treatment to ill & injured ones. IDA offers infrastructural facilities for shelters, dispensaries, ambulances etc. They also lobby for the amendment of existing laws for animals and campaign to secure legal recognition for animal rights.

IDA now also has a center in Navi Mumbai and one in Neral that caters to the horses used aplenty in that area. In addition to sterilizing, rescuing, providing shelter and treatment, they work towards creating awareness and sensitizing animal owners. They hold several camps across various districts in Maharashtra to treat and sterilize animals and have a veterinarian available 24 X 7 for emergencies. You can either adopt a pet or also sponsor one of the dogs who live at the center and make a difference. Contact: 022-32681417

Mobile animal clinic by Karuna.Image by
Mobile animal clinic by Karuna.Image by

Karuna for animals in distress This Mumbai based NGO works across a wide spectrum of activities for the benefit of animals. Karuna largely focuses on offering onsite medical and surgical treatments for strays. Be it birds, cows or even an endangered species, they work towards rescuing, treating and helping all of them. Their free mobile clinics benefit several animals per day in various areas of Mumbai including Mulund, Thane, Virar and Andheri.  

The organization was established by Mr. Arvind Shah in 2001. They started with only one mobile animal clinic but today have grown to operate over 20 mobile clinics cum ambulances for animals. In the coming future, they hope to start ‘Paangla Pola’, a shelter for disabled animals and an animal hospital. Karuna strongly advocates animal welfare by organizing awareness rallies, street plays and various programs to sensitize the society. You could also invite them to your society/area to conduct an awareness show. Contact: 022-6514 1313

Ahimsa advocates its cause at Mumbai Marathon. Image by Ahimsa FB page
Ahimsa advocates its cause at Mumbai Marathon. Image by Ahimsa FB page

Ahimsa Ahimsa is an origination that came into existence to save stray dogs that were sanctioned to be killed by municipal authorities. This center reaches out to creatures in need, protects them, works towards easing their suffering and most importantly helps them live freely. Ahimsa was started in 1996 by Praful Shah. The organization is a shelter and hospital for sick and abandoned animals. They house all kinds of animals from dogs, cats, rabbits to goats and cows. They organize birth control programs, rabies eradication measures and more. But most importantly they are a permanent home for animals that have incurable problems and cannot be left on their own. Contact: 022-28804195

So the next time you spot an injured animal or a stray that is being ill-treated, please contact one of the above NGOs. Also some moments of your voluntary time or monetary aid can help several animals in a big way! Have we missed an NGO that should be shared here? Tell us by commenting below or email to [email protected]

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