Tooning Around: Three Great Art Services That Help Recreate Life’s Precious Moments In 2D



Of late, my Facebook feed looks like one big comic strip. With cartoon characters, that faintly resemble the people I know, in some absurd situations. Bitstrip is testament to two things; firstly that about 90% of us are pretty damn self-obsessed and love looking at different versions of ourselves. Secondly, it seems that to most of us, real life is pretty boring, which is why we’d rather be throwing sheep at someone or sliding down a rainbow in a make-belief world. Want to take this love for tooning around to the real world? These guys will help you:

Saakshi Vyas; always in the middle of something

Saakshi and her family in Leh
Saakshi and her family in Leh

This busy little artist began by sketching scenes from her own life. Like the time when she played frisbee in the rain on Morjim beach or when she travelled to Leh with her family. Often her illustrations are an expression of her dilemmas or aspirations, sometimes they just reflect a make-belief world she wished she lived in. These illustrations have now evolved into a blog, called ‘In the middle of something’ which she regularly updates. Not satisfied with illustrating herself and her life, she extended her expertise to others who wished to immortalize their life in two dimensions.

Comissioned art work by Saakshi Vyas
Comissioned art work by Saakshi Vyas

Want to decorate your walls with a doodle of yourself and your beau? Or gift your parents a tony family portrait? Just get in touch with Saaksi, send her a few pictures and she’ll toonify you. It’s a lovely gesture and what makes it unique is that it’s personalized. It’s wonderful to see people feel happy and pleased with the end product.” And she works with a variety of mediums. You can opt to have coffee mugs, t-shirts, calendars and stationary decorated with a doodle.

Explain why you do what you do: Explainer videos by Mynah

Say you’re the owner of a start-up or have an interesting business idea, large chunks of your time will be spent explaining to people what you do, how you do it and why you do it. If you’re a good orator you could talk, provided your audience has the time and will to listen. More often than not, you will end up using elaborate slideshows and presentations, which take a lot of effort to make. But to stand out, you’ll have to do something quick and memorable – that’s exactly what animated explainer videos are for.

Mynah Animation does the job for you, with quick, colourful, quirky videos that creatively and crisply explain the work you do. It’s a light and fun way to make a memorable impression! If you want to create an explainer video for your brand just get in touch with them via facebook or their website. Of course, they best way they could explain what they do, is to make an explainer video about explainer videos. Follow this link to check it out!

Paper cuts: Teekhii Chhurii by Pooja Ajmera 

Portraits by Teekhii Churii
Portraits by Teekhii Chhurii

To put it simply, Pooja loves cutting paper. But she does it with far more skill that you or me possess, and creates beautiful cut out paper art. She sells her work via several online stores and customizes designs as per client’s requests. She creates several home-décor items using this craft, but makes it to this list because of her silhouettes. If you send her a photograph of yourself in any pose you please, she’ll create a cut out version of you!

A couple's story, image courtesy Teekhii Churii
A couple’s story, image courtesy Teekhii Chhurii

“When people come to me with such request, I usually recommend something more than just a simple portrait. I like creating mini-storyboards, which are more unique and personal.” she notesShe gets a lot of such requests from couples, and she enjoys immortalizing their love affairs using nothing but a blade, a single sheet of paper and a whole lot of skill. Browse through her Facebook page and you’ll be amazed at the delicate detail with which she transforms simple paper into intricate 2D representations of life!

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