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Ekta Valecha
Likes writing. Loves reading, too. Also likes cats. And shoes. And Bollywood. And Harry Potter. And food. And her iPhone. And does not judge people who have a Blackberry.



Take A Break This Weekend

#MumbaiList: Spas And The City

I always take my own sweet time selecting a spa/salon for myself because if I’m going to spend some money on pampering myself, it better be the best damn thing it can buy. The thing with spas is that they can be very erratic in their service – depending on who is attending to you....


Salad counter at Shiro

#MumbaiList: Brunch Please!

If you’ve ever been seriously hungover on a Sunday morning, and craved for breakfast in bed, you have Guy Beringer to thank – an English writer who invented the “brunch” in 1895. While his invention took more than 30 years to catch up with the rest of the world, about 117 years later, I can’t...


Single In The City

#MumbaiList: Single In The City?

The entire dating thing is generally marked by a lot of awkward moments. No? That’s just me then. But even so, getting to know someone you’ve just met can get tricky. But trust Aamchi Mumbai to churn out all kinds of services that help you deal with your love life a little better. Whether it’s...



Bagelwala: Round Food For Every Mood

While Chandler Bing had no doubt believing that bagels were good for every mood, I had my reservations. It may be staple food in a lot of places and there may be a national bagel eating contest in the US, but I’ve always been of the opinion that they are a  little too dry and chewy...


Bollywood - Not A Physical Place Like Hollywood

Star Gazing in Mumbai

Having lived in Mumbai all my life, people from outside the city ask me this a lot: Have you ever seen a movie star? In fact, recently a friend from Lithuania who was visiting Mumbai demanded to see the Bollywood equivalent of Hollywood Boulevard. When I explained to him that we had no such thing...


Hammer & Mop attendant performing a clean-up

Hammer & Mop: For Those Who Love Cleanliness, Not Cleaning!

Weekend is looming up ahead and if you’ve paid any heed to our advice, there is probably a house party planned already and perhaps a customized bar service will be serving the drinks. But there may still be one thing you haven’t taken into account – the post party depression. Being hungover with a house full of empty bottles...


Get Cocktails According To Your Theme

Bar Mobile: A Portable Bar Service? What A Bar Gain!

With Dhoble on the prowl and prices of a drink at your favourite pub in the city being the highest in the country, it has become considerably harder to go out and celebrate your birthday with a few friends. As we’ve mentioned before, a house party is the most obvious choice. And if the image...



SWA Wellness: Spa On Wheels!

What’s better than getting a massage? Getting a massage anywhere, anytime, of course! And yes, it is possible. SWA Wellness is a service that delivers spa services to your office or home. The idea itself is a winning one and I couldn’t wait to try! To book an appointment just call SWA Wellness for a...


Cut The Crap Tshirt

MGEEZ Tees: Turning Doodling Into A Business

Working with tight deadlines and not being able to find time for hobbies and passions sound familiar? Of course it does, unfortunately most of us in Mumbai can relate to it.  Which is the reason that when I meet people who do manage to pull off pursuing their passions while managing a full time job,...