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Ekta Valecha
Likes writing. Loves reading, too. Also likes cats. And shoes. And Bollywood. And Harry Potter. And food. And her iPhone. And does not judge people who have a Blackberry.




My Peon: Run Errands Without Lifting A Finger!

I have a new hobby, which is sending postcards to people. It’s a wonderful hobby but I think the major hurdle I have is that I can’t get myself to go to the post office to buy stamps. It’s an easy exercise – the closest post office is less than 10 minutes away from my...

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The 'Real" Mumbai City Map

The Great Divide of Mumbai

Having lived in Mumbai all my life, I don’t like it when I get told I’m ‘not really from Mumbai’, because I live too far in the suburbs. And that happens much too often. Especially by people who are born in a relatively older part of Mumbai, with no effort on their part. When I...


CO33 Room Makeover - Kitchen

CO33: Your Room Needs A Makeover? Give It 33 Hours

You know that one time when you looked at the blank wall in your room and wondered if you could do something interesting to it? And then how you thought, if only you had more time, you’d figure something out? We live in a world where nobody really has time for anything and where we...


Pancake beef burger with fried onion rings, Woodside

Event: Woodside Beer and Burger Festival Is Back!

The one thing I love more than Harry Potter, perhaps, is beer. If I could, I’d be on an exclusive beer-only diet. Someone once even told me that beer is, in fact, liquid bread. Such poetry in those words and so reassuring. I’m always looking for places where I can indulge in my not-at-all worrying...


Deepika, Saif, Diana in Cocktail

Style Secrets To Getting The Cocktail Right!

There are a lot of things that excite me about Cocktail – Saif back as the romantic hero, Saif and Deepika together again, the film being shot in London, written by Imtiaz Ali. But what I was not expecting was the tremendous buzz the film has had since May, when the first look came out....


Peep Toes - Monsoons Footwear, Mumbai

Monsoon Footwear: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Monsoon is finally here and has been unleashing it’s full power over the last couple of weeks. And you don’t really know anything about monsoon until you’ve seen the Mumbai rains. The traffic goes haywire, roads get flooded, trains run late and/or are cancelled and getting to work in the morning feels like participating in...



#MumbaiList: Sale or Stale?

As Mumbaikars, we are used to standing in queues – in the trains, while waiting to pee during the interval at the movies, even at Siddhivinayak. But none of them seem as painful as waiting outside the fitting rooms during a sale. While the good thing about a sale is that there’s something for everyone,...