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Hilonee Furia
Sometimes I wish I was Shandler – quirky like Sheldon and sarcastic + funny like Chandler. But then, I am me. The girl who needs her life to be a collage of small joys, brain-tickling conversations and as impulsive as it is cautious.

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A Custommade Wall by We Love Custommade

#MumbaiList: Meet The Customization Crusaders

Truth to be told, customisation is an art that only true artists can do justice to. With few such artists in sight and with the convenience that standard store shopping offers, people don’t get items personalised. But a few creative crazies, thankfully, are looking to change the perception of do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) items and customised offerings....


Ashrita Chinchankar and Amrita Kaur of Glam Food

#MumbaiList: From Strangers To Social Collaborators

There are few moments in life as joyous as those when you meet like-minded people. The rush of being in the company of someone who shares similar passions is intoxicating and tells you that ‘you’re not alone’. No, I am not talking about successful first dates here. The reference is to those chance meetings between strangers...


Socialising & Educating at Wine Wednesday

Indian Wine List: Wine Wednesdays Making Mumbai Wine Friendly

‘Let’s make an app!’ That is how it all started; with a nonchalant statement made over one fine wine drinking evening. Aneesh Bhasin, an award winning photographer, and Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya, the executive director of Rasilant Technologies Pvt. Ltd., are the wine loving mavericks behind Indian Wine List – India’s first wine focused smartphone (iOS & Android)...


Let's play 'Guess The Wine'!

All Things Nice: Discovering Good Taste And New Friends

Imagine this: You are out for dinner with friends and the person sitting next to you gets a phone call regarding a job opportunity at Sula Vineyards. He/she refuses and YOU grab the opportunity (just because it has presented itself) and set off on a work journey laden with unknown opportunities. Sounds like a situation...


Wonders from Waste, Green The Gap, Mumbai

Green The Gap: Waste Made Wonderful!

Words like ‘eco-friendly ’, ‘eco-fashion’ and ‘environmental cause’ are well on their way to being some of the most used and misused words of the 21st century. But if people like Vimlendu Jha continue to ideate, execute and be honest to their cause, then the silver lining in the darkness of all things ‘trendy & fake’...


Dorje Doma Design, Mumbai

Dorje Doma Designs: Comfortably Creative

‘The family owned property was just lying around vacant and so I thought it needs to be put to good use.’ It’s almost as if inspiration and idea arose from nothing, literally. That’s the thought that crossed my mind when the young, vivacious, and confident Zenden Lama, the owner and founder of Dorje Doma Designs...


Urban Brat, Mumbai Event

Urban Brat: Let Every Dog Have His Day

I read somewhere lately that an ‘individual’s ultimate quest is to strike that perfect balance between passion and profession’. This is the thought that sprung to my mind when my interaction with Apeksha Harihar, Editor/Publisher of ‘Where’s my Bone’ magazine and the entrepreneur behind the e-commerce dog products boutique venture ‘UrbanBrat.com’, was only just beginning....


Chocolates Delivery, Delivery Chef

Delivery Chef: Delivering Delicacies To Your Doorstep

Julia Child said, ‘People who love to eat are always the best people.’ I wonder, what then are those people who make it their business to ensure that others get the best food delivered at their doorstep? I suppose, they are Delivery Chefs! Ankita Tandon, with a Masters Degree in Finance from Warwick Business School, and Aditi...