Divya Sharda

Divya Sharda
Born in Delhi, brought up in Mumbai, ex-radio presenter, recently married, new to Bangalore, procrastinator, wanna-be bitch, can kill kids who ruin her afternoon naps with cricket screams.



Party Non-Stop, Desi Style!

How do we find place for everything in Mumbai? Where is the space? It’s as if we carve out spaces as and when we need it and then just hide them again… Ganpati bappa just went back home – but has anyone gone back to Lalbaug and seen where he was sitting? You won’t be...


Need for Speed: In Mumbai Life Goes On!

Most of the Mumbaikars are from outside the city – or so we have always heard. In any case, how many ever they might be, all of them do have a customary visit back home once (or if lucky twice) a year. I had the opportunity to go back to my hometown -Mumbai (now that...


LalBaugcha Raja

Truly A RAJA! Lalbaughcha Raja Up, Close And Personal

Ganpatiji is Mumbai’s favourite God. Imagine this scenario – you are coming back from work, drained out and stuck in the jam of jams and suddenly you notice the pot-bellied God sitting in the car next to you or on a rekdi, all saja-dhaja, on his way to someone’s home. The heart just melts. Suddenly,...


Disco Ball Image:phuturelabs

Disco-waale Khisko!

It finally poured in Bangalore. I hear the clouds are doing their bit in Delhi and Mumbai as well. Sabko badhai ho! My friends visited me from Mumbai this week and I felt that they just got some rain along. But what they also got were memories of the city I lived in for 28...


The 'Real" Mumbai City Map

Bandra or Borivali: What’s in a name?

So I was at one of the posh-est areas in Bangalore yesterday, and I took a good half an hour walk around in the streets randomly. Looking at the beautiful bunglows and small pretty streets, I was remembering the quaint little streets behind Colaba Causeway and the Taj, with trees around and a certain silence...


Rasi Spa, Mumbai

Manicures and Mumbaikars

I have found what every woman hopes to find. A good, clean parlour near her house, with a dedicated staff that remembers her by name and smile every time they see her, AND the services don’t cost the world 🙂 In Mumbai, I always yearned for one and never found it. There was always something or the...


Friends At The Beach

The City And The Sea

Whenever my relatives from Delhi came for a visit to Mumbai – they had two things on the top of their ‘to do’ lists – visit a sea-front and spot a celebrity. A few years ago, it used to be Juhu beach, the one-stop shop for all ‘foreigners’ to Mumbai. See the sea, eat bhutta,...


Mumbai Ki Bai

Bai-scope: Watch The Drama Unfold

Everyone knows the famous line: Itna Paisa mein Itna-ich milega! An animated bai mouthed this in a Channel [v] promotion and the line caught on. Especially in Mumbai, people love quoting it. But what I observed was that the ‘bai’ in Mumbai is such a popular icon. Everyone recognizes her, everyone interacts with one at...


Funky Auto Rickshaw, Mumbai

Auto Rickshaws, Cockroaches On Three Wheels

Auto rickshaws in Mumbai have various nick-names (mostly given out of spite, not love). Cockroaches, I think is quite suitable. They dive into any space and squeeze their way around. Yet they clearly the most convenient way to get around for people. Except, during monsoons and when they go on strike and when they refuse...