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Hilonee Furia
Sometimes I wish I was Shandler – quirky like Sheldon and sarcastic + funny like Chandler. But then, I am me. The girl who needs her life to be a collage of small joys, brain-tickling conversations and as impulsive as it is cautious.

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Collection at Kimaya

#MumbaiList: Multi-Designer Fashion Boutiques In The City

While an Indian woman looks her most beautiful in a traditional saree or salwar kameez, she will vouch for the fact that finding Indian wear that is correctly priced, that fits well and complements one’s personality is a tough, uphill task! Any woman’s shopping life is marred by instances wherein when the colour was right,...


Fashionably Cute!

#MumbaiList: Baby Fashion eStores Come Of Age

Cute, adorable, sweet, lovable, cuddly, chubby. These are a handful of traditional adjectives that would come to one’s mind when talking about babies. Now-a-days, another adjective is sure to pop-up in one’s mind sooner than later – fashionable. To think that toddlers would be spared the demands of being in-vogue would be to think like it...


Star Gazing

Weekend Guide: Travel, Music, Food, Wine And More!

While all weekends are gifts showered by God on over-worked, stressed, mere earthly creatures, long weekends are the most special of such gifts. This weekend the annual Republic Day holiday has been lost to a Saturday (pfft!), but there is still some respite. Here’s what you can do to unwind, relax, and enjoy the long week...


weekend guide

Weekend Guide: Enough To Do, Much To Brag About

“The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend” – Chuck Palahniuk. We promise there is enough for you to do this weekend and also to brag about it eventually 😉 Go with the FLO The Bombay chapter of FLO (FICCI Ladies...


Rewa Escape Spa

#MumbaiList: Spas That Go Beyond The Ordinary

Most of the times, massage parlours are mistaken to be spas. No, it is not the patrons who are at fault here but the one-too-many ‘spas’ that have sprung up indiscriminately across the city. A spa experience has more to it than relieving the body of its stress; it has to do with alleviating the mind...