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Khushboo Tanna is a connoisseur of food, street shopping and the straight faced smiley. Additionally, she constantly rambles about cell phones.

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The ancient bus ticket

The Bombay that I Miss!

Before you point out that it’s Mumbai and not Bombay, let me clarify that I’ve used the word deliberately. I grew up in Bombay and not Mumbai and at some level, I’ll always be a Bombayite and not a Mumbaikar. What’s the difference, you ask? It’s not just a simple name change, it’s actually saying...

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Rose Seller, Dadar Image:Josh Daniel Photography

#MumbaiList: Mumbai Under 200

Before I start let me tell you that I’m not going talk about the obvious touristy things that you can do in Mumbai because everyone publishes lists like that and frankly, most of those suggestions are overrated. If you’re willing to experiment, here are 10 things that you should do in Mumbai. What’s more, these...


Surviving Rush Hour Traffic in Mumbai Locals

Never A Dull Moment On Mumbai Locals

Here are four reasons why local trains are the best form of public transport. No, this is not a post about how it’s better to be stuck in a cramped up compartment with sweaty women v/s moving at the speed of 1 Km/Hr on a traffucked highway. What this post will tell you though is how...


Cuppa Joe - new coffee shop at Bandra

Review: Cuppa Joe (Mystery Cafe)

MumbaiMag’s resident coffee addict, foodie and pun maker, Khushboo Tanna was invited to the Mystery Café launch this weekend, which has been creating a lot of chatter on Twitter. She covered the revelation of Cuppa Joe for MumbaiMag starting off with her first Restaurant Review. Restaurant Review: Cuppa Joe Seriously, how do you start your...