Mehak Rampal

Mehak Rampal
Not connected to namesake actor but loves to hate on things. Cannot tolerate ppl hu typ lyk dis. Caramel lover and wholehearted foodie. Shopaholic on most days. Loves surprises and would take a Thesaurus to bed.



I don't know what I was thinking when I bought thesea

Y U NO DIY: Bling Sunglasses

I was cleaning my cupboard (as I do on most Sundays after throwing clothes in and out during the week) when I found about 3 pairs of sunglasses I don’t wear anymore. One were too retro for anyone’s liking, another pair I bought in a slightly drunken tizzy from Colaba Causeway and the third were...


DIY: Dressed Up Slippers

Y U NO DIY: Slippers,Of Course!

Today I wore rubber slippers to work. That is most ordinary for Bombay folks in this season, but working in Chandigarh, the north India effect has rubbed off and I do make an effort  to get dressed. Coming back to the slippers… It has been raining a copious amount here and I didn’t want to...


House Hunting in Mumbai

The Bombay Diaries: House Hunting & Other Evils

Did you miss me? I bet you did (blushes uncontrollably). It might sound insane but I love the idea of moving house. The thought of arranging knick-knacks into drawers you haven’t used before, buying rugs that are mostly useless and shoving far too many naphthalene balls around the house gives me cheap thrills. There’s a...



The Bombay Diaries: A Friend Indeed

I grudgingly left Bombay after spending 7 beautiful years there. And needless to say, I developed some of the most important relationships in Bombay. When college started at the age of 18, a whole bunch of clueless faces were spotted across campus. Since most of us weren’t ‘localites’ *how I hate that word*, we all...


No Child's Play This

The Bombay Diaries: You’ll Make My Wedding Dress, No?

I think I’ve established that I moved to Bombay in 2005 to pursue a degree in design. Now, the first thing that pops in anyone’s mind when one uses the word ‘designer’ is fashion. I studied at one of the most prestigious design colleges in the country and though it is called National Institute of...


Brownie Cravings

The Bombay Diaries: It’s 2 AM and I’m starving!

One of the things I love and miss most about Bombay is that almost any food craving can be satiated at any time. When you’re a foodie like me, hunger pangs at ungodly hours are quite common. I know they say when you’re hungry, anything will do and when you’re hungry for a particular thing...


Mehak's favorite flip flops

The Bombay Diaries: Shoes!

Mehak came to Mumbai a few years ago to pursue her design degree and went on to work here as well. That’s where we met, hit it off and stayed connected since. Although she now lives in Chandigarh, she never really left this city and her romance with Mumbai continues. Needless to say I was...