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Nickolai Kinny & Rahul Divay, Project Coffee Barter

Project Coffee Barter: Of Travel Tales And Café Lattés

“I only travel so I don’t run out of dinner party conversations.”… Anonymous Travel always inspires some of the most entertaining conversations. I suppose this stems from the fact that at some level, all of us, like many great explorers in the past, have a thirst for adventure and a curiosity for the unknown. In a...


Spiced Rum Mojito, Woodside Inn

Woodside Inn Concoctions: A New Spin on Classics

Woodside Inn in Colaba is a well-established South Bombay restaurant, known for serving diner style comfort food and a wide selection of beers. The suburbs celebrated when Woodside All Day Bar & Eatery came to Oshiwara, bringing with it old world charm. Over the last five months, the place has become very popular not only...


Sahil Jatana preparing Coffee

The Coffee Coach: Caffeinating The World

Urban life is driven by a caffeine kick. We need coffee to wake us up, coffee to make conversation and if certain commercials are to be believed coffee to court the opposite sex. Fueled by Mumbai’s need for a racing metabolism, the Cafe culture has hit the city in a big big way. From a...


Food Bloggers In Deep Conversation, Out Of The Blue, Powai

When Mumbai’s Food Fanatics Sat Down to Dine!

Mumbai has a small, yet very active community of food bloggers, a community I too am a part of. Last night, Burrp and Out of the Blue, Powai took the initiative of bringing a few of us together, and hosting the first ever Food Blogger’s Meet of this kind. Out of the Blue in Powai was...


Snigdha Manchanda Bijola, Founder, Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk: A Girl And Her Beloved Brew

There’s something romantic about a vintage trunk. Within the confines of it’s heavy secure lid it keeps prized possessions safely guarded. Well kept secrets, family heirlooms, a once-used wedding dress, billet-doux and yellowed books often find themselves cozily confined to a forgotten trunk. Snigdha Manchanda Bijola keeps one such trunk, but her’s is far from...