Smriti Notani

Smriti Notani
A copywriter with an appetite for food but a bigger appetite for life. Has an affinity towards all things mental. Firm believer in melted cheese. Water baby, Bombay child, Bollywood fan. Will dance even if the music stops.


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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan: With A Twist!

It’s Raksha Bandhan time again. Do I hear a collective squeal from the girls and a collective sigh from the boys? Yes, no doubt it’s a day for all the sisters to be pampered and no sane girl would ever say no to that. But it’s also a special day to celebrate the bond that...


Hot Chocolate at San Churros

The Silver Lining This Monsoon

My friends stare at me blankly as I relentlessly explain that it does in fact, exist! No we aren’t taking about the Loch Ness monster. That argument could take a while. We are talking about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or seasonal depression. Don’t believe there is such a thing? You should totally read about it...

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Angry Birds Cupcakes, Neerus Cakes, Mumbai

#MumbaiList: Party Abhi Baaki Hai!

If the MET department is to be believed Mumbai rains are just setting in and we also have a new kind of dark cloud looming over us. It’s called The Dhoble. But don’t let that dampen your spirit and Esprits. Stay tuned, because I have my grand-plan-face on! I am a firm believer that the...