Mumbai, A Photographer’s Muse: Discover The City’s Photogenic Side

Girgaon Chowpatty, image by Omkar Padwal
Banganga Walkeshwar. Image by Omkar Padwal
Banganga Walkeshwar Image: Omkar Padwal

It is easy to spot a photography enthusiast in a large group. He or she will usually have a black bag on them, carry a strange looking equipment, seemingly from yesteryears, have roving eyes and often stand in weird positions. From chich urbane locales to secret, ancient hidden villages, Mumbai has a lo If you can identify with it, the following places should figure in your must-go places in Mumbai.

Banganga tank, Walkeshwar
Historic, magnificent and forgotten – is what can be said about this place. This stone structure stands as a witness to the changing face of Mumbai.Yet as you walk towards the temple, you feel a sense of nostalgia. It seems cut off from Mumbai we know as of today. Also what amazed me about this place is the number of ducks swimming in the tank.
Best time to visit: Early morning just after sunrise, or evening before sunset 

Fishing village near Mumbai, image by Omkar Padwal
Fishing village near Mumbai Image: Omkar Padwal

Versova fishing village (Or for that matter any fishing village in Mumbai be it Mahim, Bandra, Malad etc.)
Yes, this will be a stinky start to the morning. But the thought of capturing fishing boats just as they leave to find the catch of the day and the coming to life of the village in the wee hours, should be incentive enough to tolerate the fishy smell first thing in the morning. The activity is intense, the colours strong and the photo-ops ,aplenty!
Best time to visit: Early morning or evening before sunset 

Dadar Flower Market
Dadar Flower Market Image: Aparna Amte

Dadar Phool Market, Dadar West
This sounds like an anti-thesis to the above. But if you are imagining a road filled with the lovely fragrance of flowers, you will feel deceived. A flower market it is, but one that is in a small gully, lined with flower shops and people selling flowers on the road. This market comes to life before sunrise. Chaotic? Yes. But then we love chaos don’t we? The shop owner and sellers are used to photographers coming often to shoot them and will happily pose and even suggest poses!
Best time to visit: Early morning, preferably before sunrise 

Beautiful morning at SGNP
Beautiful morning at SGNP Image: Aparna Amte

Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Mumbai is lucky to have this forest amidst her, and this must not be forgotten. This has it all that one can expect from a forest- at least in terms of flora and fauna. The place is very popular with senior citizens for the daily dose of health through yoga, walks and even laughter clubs and you can catch some candid moments! And you many even get a deer running past you, if you are lucky.
Best time to visit: Early morning 

Marine Drive, image by Omkar Padwal
Marine Drive, image by Omkar Padwal

Marine Drive
Some may call it filmy, some may call it clichéd, Ilike to call it the dreamer’s paradise! Evenings here invite a philosophical discussion. That you have the skyline of Mumbai as well lashing waves in the background, just adds to the drama to this place. It’s advisable to stay at this place beyond the sunset too as your lens can capture the stunningly lit queens necklace. Experiment a little with long exposures with the traffic in the foreground and you will get some amazing shots! Total Paisa Vasool.
Best time to visit: Evenings, during sunset.

Evening at Gateway of India
Evening at Gateway of India Image: Aparna Amte

Gateway of India
Gateway of India is Mumbai’s favourite weekend picnic destination. Or even a new year’s eve destination!The gateway faces the east, hence, the morning sun can provide good light to capture shots of the structure. The boats and the yachts also would be preparing for the journey. Most evenings you will find tourists posing for snaps, families enjoying their ‘us-time’ and office-goers seeking a small respite before heading back home.
Best time to visit: Early morning, or evening, preferably on a weekend. 

CST, Mumbai
CST, Mumbai Image: Aparna Amte

CST station
You may have noticed that a lot of movies, videos, photographs that want to showcase the pace of Mumbai show scores of people running to cross the road, catch the train or head to their destination with the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in the background. CST in the evenings is buzzing with people and the evening sun casts a lovely effect on the majestic building. If you want buzz, people, chaos and urban life, this maybe a good place to visit.
Best time to visit: The Mumbai rush hour! Morning or evening.

Juhu beach, image by wikipedia
Juhu beach, Image : wikipedia

Juhu Beach
The best thing about the evening golden hours is that it creates the perfect scene to take silhouettes. But silhouettes need to have character and tell a story. And you will find them aplenty on Juhu beach in the evenings. All you need to do is find a good spot to sit and observe. And chances are that you may run out space on the memory card! The food stalls at Juhu also add to the buzz of the place and colourful street food can be a photographer’s delight!
Best time to visit: Anytime, but the evenings are splendid!

So clean those lenses, buy some more SD cards and re-ignite your love affair with the camera in our very own Mumbai!

UPDATE: Mumbai photos sent to us by readers updated below

The Gateway From Taj Mahal Hotel by Akanksha Banerjee
The Gateway From Taj Mahal Hotel by Akanksha Banerjee

Here is an interesting photo of “Gateway from Taj” sent to us by Akanksha Banerjee who writes, “This picture was clicked from the window at the Taj. Although I have lived in Mumbai for all my life this is the closest I have been to the Gateway, I wanted to keep this image forever. So I took my phone out and snapped a shot. A Sunday at Gateway.” 

Photo by MumbaiMag reader Khushnaz Khambata
Photo by MumbaiMag reader Khushnaz Khambata

MumbaiMag reader Khushnaz Khambata has sent us some lovely shots of the city clicked by her. Here is one, click on the Gallery below to see the rest.

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Guest Blogger, Aparna Amte

Guest Blogger, Aparna Amte
Pursuing multiple careers, that of a freelance HR consultant, writer, photographer and food critic. An obsessive compulsive day dreamer. Wants to have the cake and eat it too (a dark chocolate one, please).