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Bigg Boss Season 6
Brain of a Bigg Boss Inmate
Brain of a Bigg Boss Inmate

Every year come October I have friends, well wishers and random people on social network trying very hard to save me from a fate worse than death! No, not arranged marriage but something ever more deviant than that- my unhealthy love and obsession with one of India’s spiciest, part-real-part-scripted reality TV shows: Bigg Boss.
I have been called everything from perverted, shamelessly voyeuristic to sexually frustrated and someone not so politely pointed out that “only chubby girls are obsessed with that show!”

Love it or hate it but you cannot escape the fact that Bigg Boss gives us a great understanding into the working of a human mind. Where else will you get to see and study people who have willing chosen to shack up with complete strangers for three months while multiple cameras capture their each move?

Bigg Boss for me is a study of basic human instinct -fear, hunger, desire, want, desperation, patience- sprinkled with healthy dose of Bollywood style tamasha and presented in a pseudo politically correct manner to a nation of a billion voyeurs. Well, if this isn’t a recipe for success I don’t know what is!

Old man Freud must be rolling in his grave, hell or wherever he currently resides seeing how some of his famous theories is the main premise of international reality TV. His psychoanalytic theories are put to test the minute the contestants sign the contract. I can actually imagine a President Snow-esque producer villainously smiling and thinking, “May the odds be ever in your favor”. The basic human urges and needs motivate the inmates (pun intended) to act out at the oddest times. What in the real world would seem frivolous in this surrounding can trigger off a nuclear level reaction.

Bigg Boss Season 6
hunger strikes!

Did someone say, ‘hunger’?
Take it from someone who’s permanently on a no-fat, no-carb only bitchy diet, what hell hunger can create on a person’s peace of mind. Not only can it drive you nuts but literally compel you to drive others around you nuts too. Hunger, you see, is not a deadly sin, but it is the reason why most sins are committed. And no one experiences hunger quite like the inmates of the BB house. Hunger, for food aka ‘luxury budget’ as well as to win the show can make a grown man/ woman act like a zoo animal, circus clowns and even make him/her channel its demonic side.

If papaya was the reason for Vrajesh’s happiness, lack of bread made others see red. Also, who knew a small bottle of coffee would actually bring on an almost riot like condition inside the house. And my all-time favorite was seeing the ladies devour a glass of regular aerated drink like it was their last meal ever! Let me just say they put Katrina Kaif to shame with the lip licking antic! Whoever said Indians only need ‘Roti Kapda Aur Makaan’ clearly has not seen a single episode of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Season 6
All for money!

Who’s afraid of Elimination?
Well, well, well, if it isn’t everyone’s invisible best friend? Making them do things they otherwise would not, say things they ideally should not and most importantly making then trust and un-trust people they must not. Yes, say hello to fear. It is that one unseen, yet perpetually present member of the Bigg Boss house. If you think Bigg Boss commands the house, then let me tell you fear hands down rules its residents.

The sheer fear of nomination and elimination has been credited for some of the most epic incidents of modern day reality TV. One almost always sees mutual haters convert into overnight BFFs. Within 4 weeks Urvashi and Niketan went from being Capulet and Montague of the house to Jai and Veeru of the show!

Bigg Boss Season 6
Antics and gimmicks!

The fear of elimination has been credited for tons of crazies. But this one takes cuckoo to new and unseen heights. How often do you get to see a grown man dressed like a kids craft project, talking a mile a minute creating more drama than all previous seasons put together? Hold and behold, and say hello to a creature named Imam. Dazed and delusional, the man is clearly high on something- probably his own fart!

The only way to describe him is, if Dolly Bindra, KRK and Sky ever decide to indulge in a ménage à trois (God forbid!), Imam would be the fruit of their combined seeds. From sobbing to shouting to stripping he did it all. In a span of a week he did what most could not do in six years – make Rakhi Sawant seem like a normal person.

Bigg Boss Season 6
Teary Queen

Welcome to HELL!
Sartre once said, “Hell is other people”. Nowhere does this theory come to life quite like within the four walls of the Bigg Boss house. If there is something that get’s the worst out of an individual, then most probably it is another individual itself. From being provoked to misinterpreting someone’s actions, there is always someone who is ready to push your patience button.

The best way to test anyone’s limit is to take away their fundamental rights and lock them up within four walls. No, lock them up and then force them to spend some quality time with people they dislike, despise and downright detest.

If Sapna’s version of crazy drives some residents nuts then Aashka’s tears gets on someone else’s last nerve. And while most may not approve of Niketan’s manipulative games everyone including Salman is exasperated and fed-up with Rajev’s interfering ways. Just like Dolly exercised the power of her vocal chords, Rahul showed-off his brand of stupid laugh and Kashmira flaunted her cleavage, the inmates this season too have their own set of entertaining and irritating tricks.

As the weeks give way to months the words of John Milton stand true: “The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make Heaven of Hell, and a Hell of Heaven.”

For someone who has been watching this show for six years, I like to think of myself as a learned scholar on all things Bigg Boss. And just when I think I have seen and heard it all a new set of shock and awe captures my attention. If there is one thing that is constant, it is unpredictability.

The inmates of Bigg Boss house will continue to surprise you at all times.
The house of Bigg Boss has often been credited for making peoples’ careers, giving them an identity and turning relatively unknown individuals into overnight success and house old names. But, before all this can happen it invariably can make or break their character. Only time will tell who is the ‘real’ winner of the show.

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A fashion designer by profession, a literature graduate by education and a fashion blogger and writer by choice. Addicted to books, Sudoku, political news and American T.V shows. In a long term relationship with chocolates.


Amena Azeez

Amena Azeez
A fashion designer by profession, a literature graduate by education and a fashion blogger and writer by choice. Addicted to books, Sudoku, political news and American T.V shows. In a long term relationship with chocolates.