Long Weekend Getaways: Bordi May Be The Solution For Last Minute Travellers


Boat with India flag at Bordi beach
Bordi Railway Station, Around Mumbai
Bordi Railway Station
It’s an understatement to say that Mumbaiites live from one weekend to the other hoping for some respite either from the grueling traffic or insane work hours and if nothing else the scorching heat that is now upon us. So every long weekend is sacred, precious and rare and has to be meticulously planned to avoid the inevitable ‘long weekend traffic’. But guess what, I’m not the planning kind! So this weekend, I will be working while some of my friends are taking off to Bordi for the much needed break and much deserved peace and quiet. So what’s the next best thing? Well, write about it, wade in a little nostalgia and hopefully plan better next time.
Bordi beach, Around Mumbai
Bordi beach
Bordi is a quaint, little village 145km from Mumbai that offers what this city now only dreams of - calm, clean and serene beaches. The brilliantly landscaped 17 km beach in Bordi is the main and only attraction on the village. And that is enough if you are looking to laze around. The drive from Mumbai to Bordi is a breeze with good roads and great views. Before you know it, you are driving on the bright sunny seaside which seems to extend for kilometers ahead… The beach is lined with tall palm trees and the sunsets are mesmerizing here. The sea slips back by tens of kilometers every low tide and the dark sand of Bordi emerges altering the landscape entirely.
Sunset, Bordi, Around Mumbai
Sunset, Bordi
I’ve been to Bordi a couple of times recently and loved it both the times. Stayed at the MTDC resort and tried the rooms and the tents they have set up, and will clearly vote for the AC tents if you are planning an April visit. There are many other hotels, resorts and retreats around too. Let’s face it any place you go to around Mumbai will be hot, including Goa (oh! Goa!). But if you are looking for a cool, comfy 2-3 hours drive getaway and planning for this weekend Bordi might be a consideration. And if you plan to stick around in Mumbai like I do, what will you be doing this weekend… All Images By Garima Sharma

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