Cream Centre

Cream Centre: Now Open in Neptune Mall, Bhandup

Found myself loitering in the newly opened Neptune Mall  in Bhandup last night. Since it was just about time for dinner, decided to try out the new Cream Centre outlet there. I have been to the Chowpatty outlet quite a while ago and was glad to see one this side of town as well. The Cream Centre dining...


Creamy Parmesan Pasta at Belcibo

Bel Cibo: For Your Pasta Cravings

One can never have enough options for lunch. Everything can get boring after a point, right? But with innumerable tiny eateries that have cropped up in Lower Parel, chances are that you’ll be spoilt for choices. The newest member to join this bandwagon of eateries is Bel Cibo. Located in Lower Parel, behind a bus...


Striped Berry Paletas - Aloha Paletaz

Aloha Paletaz: Healthy, Fruitilicious Popsicles

Tucked away on Carter Road is a quaint tiny ice cream shop that sells Mexican frozen fruity popsicles, called Paletaz, and Hawaiin shaved ice. Just the right recipe to kill the heat! Aloha Paletaz in Bandra, started by owner and chef Sunil Grover is a labor of love. And you can see that in each and...

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Sneak Peek of Temperance Building in Bandra

Temperance: Mumbai’s All New Culture Hub In Bandra

Come 1st May and Mumbai will have its very own culture and fitness hub in Bandra. Temperance, started by Bandra girls and cousins, Viola and Hema, hopes to be a place where you can hang loose, eat healthy and also learn a few new things. The striking 4 storey building in the by lanes of...


Auto rickshaw driver

Auto Strike? Strike Back With Smart Mumbaikar!

Monday morning blues in Mumbai were multiplied manifold with an auto rickshaw strike today. While we have seen many of these strikes recently, what’s encouraging is to see how smart Mumbaikars are coming up with economical, ecofriendly and sustainable solutions to such situations in the city. SmartMumbaikar is a free Mumbai based vehicle pooling Facebook...


Spiderman Unmasked

Leaping Windows: The De-masking…

Graphic novels, limited edition comics, manga and literature are not just difficult to source but also expensive books to buy. A lending library with all this within the city is any fans dream come true. Add to that a bright sunny café with friendly service and a homely feel, and you’ve got yourself reader’s heaven.....


Rasi Zodiac Spa & Salon

Rasi Zodiac Spa & Salon: Stars and Spas

I chanced upon an article in Bombay Times today about a novel concept based spa in the city. Having met a Naadi Shastra expert astrologer a few days ago along with Ekta and Khushboo ( that’s another story which I will probably write soon ), I was eager to discover the story behind this new astrology related venture. Here...


Cuppa Joe - new coffee shop at Bandra

Review: Cuppa Joe (Mystery Cafe)

MumbaiMag’s resident coffee addict, foodie and pun maker, Khushboo Tanna was invited to the Mystery Café launch this weekend, which has been creating a lot of chatter on Twitter. She covered the revelation of Cuppa Joe for MumbaiMag starting off with her first Restaurant Review. Restaurant Review: Cuppa Joe Seriously, how do you start your...