Roadside Waterfalls, Bhandardara

Monsoon Travel: Driving Through The Sahyadris

The Western Ghats occupy a special place for the coastal folk of western India. They are responsible for the fantastic monsoons that we experience. The ghats act as barriers to the heavily pregnant clouds that drift from the south west which eventually give in and we are blessed with rainfall. This climatic condition has greatly...


BEST Single Decker Tram

BEST Of The Past

Following Divya‘s post on how she misses her BEST buses in Bengaluru, I had to share these amazing photographs of the BEST of the days gone by. Few of us might know that BEST started out with trams, trolley cars, Charabancs and ferrys. BEST (Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Company) was originally The Bombay Tramway Company...


Cutting Chai Photo by Dilip Moorkoth

Mia Cucina: Now Serving Cutting Chai

What do cutting chai and Italian cuisine have in common? The answer,  Mia Cucina. That’s right. The popular Italian chain has opened their latest restaurant in Powai and is holding an exhibition of Dilip Moorkoth’s beautiful photographs capturing the city’s romance with the brew. Titled ‘Cutting Chai – The Magical Concoction Of Mumbai’ the exhibition showcases...


Mumbai Local Station, Mumbai Paused

Mumbai Locals: Chugging Away!

Western, Central and Harbour lines, these life lines of Mumbai carry millions each day all over the city. They serve the purpose of going from point A to B and that’s enough for the average Mumbaikar for whom as long as the purpose is served, every thing else be damned. However, the trains are an...


Indian Memory Project

Indian Memory Project: About The People, By The People

While life itself perishes away, what we are left with are memories. Photographs have a way of capturing these memories and making them immortal. “Photographs are a way to time travel, and imagine how they must have been, who they must have been” says Anusha Yadav. A photographer herself, her love for photographic memories has...


Mumbai Monsoon Sky by Shrishti_Shetty

Photos: First Showers in Mumbai!

Even though I have been called a rain hater by friends, I cannot deny there is something enchanting about the first showers in Mumbai. As the first wholesome rain touched the Mumbai soil, Twitter was abuzz with some of the most beautiful captures of the monsoons’ arrival in Mumbai. Here are links to some of...

#MumbaiList: Bring On The Beer!

I was sitting at Sammy Sosa (New Link Road, Oshiwara) and having a conversation with the owner of this Mexican themed restaurant, when he made a very important observation about beer: It is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage and is brewed in almost every part of the world! So a sampling of international...


Paul Gasnier Photography, Bollywood, Mumbai

Mumbai Memoirs: A Brush With Bollywood

It was just a regular day in downtown Bombay. My friend and I were strolling down Colaba Causeway when a small man came up to us, introducing himself proudly as a casting agent for Bollywood. At first I shoved him away, sensing another scam from just another Colaba hawker. But the man meant business. He...


Mumbai - many cultures, one soul, Ashish Tibrewal

Mumbai: Many Cultures, One Soul

Whether its travelers or residents, anyone who has experienced Mumbai has hardly been able to resist its charm. Stories of people who were passing through or visiting but have stayed back to call the city their home are very common. With people pouring in from all over the world, it has become the proverbial melting...


Raw Materials for Cocktails

Cocktails And The Art of Mixology

Arina Suchde believes that “Alcohol is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” and lives by her philosophy. Having started early, in her own words “I tasted my first drink at the tender age of 12”, she followed her senses and is now a Mixology expert. In her guest post here...