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Mexican Seven Layered Dip from i2cook
Rushina, A Perfect Bite, Mumbai
Rushina, A Perfect Bite, Mumbai

In the days of yore, learning to cook was an important aspect of a woman’s education. But of course, now most of us graduate to adulthood without really entering the kitchen. The frying pan was long ago traded in for a laptop. Before you know it, you have a fancy college degree, a well paying job and move out of the proverbial nest to live by yourself in this big bad city. Then, one day when your cook goes on a holiday and you’re too bored to call for a Pizza. You open a fridge full of lovely ingredients and yet just don’t have a clue where to start and what to cook… sound familiar?

Cooking Class in Mumbai
Cooking Class

No need to panic, it’s never too late to learn. As Julia Child said “… no one is a born a great cook, one learns by doing.” If you’re looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, here are some interesting cooking classes that will not only teach you a skill, but will introduce you to the art of cooking.

A Perfect Bite: Rushina M. Ghidiyal of A Perfect Bite conducts cooking classes with a difference. One of my favourites is her lesson exclusively for men! The class is simple and is perfect for men with no prior experience in the kitchen. Take my word for it, there’s nothing more appealing that a man who can cook. Some of the other interesting classes Rushina conducted were a ‘Spicy Cooking with Alcohol’ and an ‘Eggcellent Breakfast‘ class. She’s full of surprises, so keep checking her website for the latest class schedules.

Prasanna and Reema of BakeYou!, Mumbai
Prasanna and Reema of BakeYou!, Mumbai

Bake You!: If group learning is not your thing, Bake You! Might be just the cooking class for you. Reema Prasanna conducts personalized one-on-one baking classes in Kandivali East. You can visit her website and look up her bank of recipes to choose what you wish to learn. That way you can customize what you learn and perfect particular recipes that have always evaded you. Students will testify to really enjoying their time shared with Reema and learning a lot from her.

Megha at the Farmer's market
Megha at the Farmer’s market

i2cook: Megha Deokule is passionate about organic food and promotes the reduction of synthetic additives in food. Her brand of cooking ingredients, i2cook is available at several gourmet stores all over Mumbai. She also conducts cooking classes, where she brings people together and introduces them to some of her delicious recipes. Her aim is to inspire people with fresh ingredients, facilitate food related conversation and ultimately learn something from the experience. In her last class in July, she introduced several different recipes for dips. Her next class will be in September. For the theme and dates watch the i2cook website.

Oil FreeCooking Classes: We often get so caught up in the taste of food that we forget food is essentially meant to nourish. Not that pleasing your taste buds isn’t important. But it is also important to think about the implications of eating what we do. Three health enthusiasts, Dr. Rupa Shah, Kajal Bhatia and Jinal Rathod have teamed up to introduce healthy cooking in a 3 part workshop that will be conducted over the course of a month. The first one happens on the 7th of August, were you will learn the ill effects of oil and be taught oil-free ways of cooking.

Sharan India: For those of you who are vegan or curious about this new health mantra, check out Sharan India, an organization that periodically conducts cooking classes in Mumbai introducing with people to the benefits of a vegan diet and sharing with them recipes & cooking methods.

Know of any other innovative and inspiring cooking classes? Don’t forget to share…

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