#DryHoli: Celebrate A Dry, Eco Friendly Holi This Year And Help Save The Environment



“Water, water, everywhere; Nor any drop to drink.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Image Credit: sf.funcheap.com
Image Credit: sf.funcheap.com

Like the ancient mariner in Samuel’s poem, the common man finds himself lamenting about the shortage of water more often than not. May be some of us haven’t faced an acute shortage yet, but statistics say that Mumbai’s daily shortage of this essential commodity is easily 800 million litres. In addition, it is no news that Maharashtra has been facing drought for the last many years now.

Holi is around the corner and we all know what that means; fun of course! That said, wastage of water is an eye sore that we witness every year during this festival. What’s the solution? Celebrating responsibly; which means celebrating dry Holi and an eco friendly Holi!

We bring you an inclusive list of ideas on how you can celebrate a dry, eco friendly Holi this year and help the environment. To support us and the environment, help spread the word, use #DryHoli in your tweets and share information about eco-friendly Holi colours.

Eco friendly colours can be easily made at home. Get together with a few neighbours in your building or compound and make small sachets of safe colour with these DIY ideas. After all, colour making, like charity begins at home.

Green: Use mehendi / henna powder separately, or mix with an equal quantity of any suitable flour to attain a lovely green.
Tip: Smear everyone’s hair with mehendi colour and save a trip to the parlour!

Image Credit: skymetweather.com
Image Credit: skymetweather.com

Yellow: Mix two teaspoons of haldi (turmeric powder) or kasturi haldi which is very fragrant, with double the quantity of besan (gram flour).for a rich yellow colour.
Tip: Smear everyone’s face with turmeric and besan colour for the festive glow on their skin.

Red: Sandalwood powder gives a beautiful red colour. You could even use sindoor but make sure it’s the real deal as many sindoor brands don’t offer the organic product.
Tip: Sandalwood is good for your skin too!

You can also obtain other shades using flowers; for instance, the blue hibiscus flower for a deep blue, and dried rose petals for red; but in case you can’t find them in the market then just mix and match these basic colours in different proportions to create your own favourite shades.

If you’re hard pressed for time and can’t make your own safe Holi colours then you could easily buy them from the market. Thanks to the awareness about playing eco friendly Holi, there are a number of safe colour brands that have flooded the market.

Holi Colours By Multi Dye Chem
Holi Colours By Multi Dye Chem

Multi Dye Chem has been making Holi brighter since 1997. They offer skin friendly, non toxic, natural and herbal holi colours under the brand Jhilmil Holi Colours. Available in stores or online.

Classic Enterprises offers quite a few brands of safe and eco friendly Holi colours that you can choose from, this festive season. Available in stores or online.

Mumbai Goes Green invites you to join them create a greener and cleaner Mumbai; source your safe Holi colour palette in a jiffy and enjoy a fun-filled festival. Available at Mumbai Goes Green outlets across the city.

Ecolor By Mocha TreeHugger
Ecolor By Mocha TreeHugger

Ecolor by Mocha TreeHuggers is a skin friendly gulaal which comes in a pack of 5 sachets including emerald green, electric pink, ethereal orange, extreme yellow and exotic red. The colours also smell great, a blend of orange, lemon grass and oils.  Available at Mocha stores across the city.

Organic India offers organic colours that promise to keep you Holi eco friendly and skin friendly! They offer the basic colours like yellow, green and red so you can mix and match to create the rest! Available in Organic India outlets across the city.

Rang De by The Bombay Store offers  a special range of natural colours, both dry and liquid. The dry colours include sunshine yellow, summer orange and lush green and the liquid colours include  sunshine yellow, summer orange and purple breeze. Available at The Bombay Store outlets across the city.

Om Ved Holi Colour
Om Ved Holi Colour

Herbal Holi Colour by Om Ved offers a fun range of colours that are made from 100 per cent natural materials. Paint the town Manjishtha – Red, Harad- Yellow, Kasam- Green and Indigo – Blue! Available at R City Mall, Ghatkoper.

mygreenkart.com is an online site which offers a lot of organic products including organic gulaal. They have a brand named Antarkranti which is herbal and comes in colours including pink, red and yellow.

IndiaMART offers a range of dry, organic and safe gulaal brands that you can order this festive season, at the click of a mouse. Take your pick, in a click!

Craftsvilla.com offers a wide range of organic colours that are beautifully packaged and so make for a nice gifting option too.

Mumbai Online Gifts also offers a variety of herbal gulaal brands that you can choose from. You might find a nice gift while you’re shopping for your stock of colour for the festive fun.

UPDATE: check out the Reality Tours Holi in Dharavi tour for a fun festival with the community.

If you know of any new places that offer dry, eco friendly Holi colours then do leave us a comment. Have a responsible, safe, colourful Holi, everyone!  To support us and the environment, help spread the word, use #DryHoli in your tweets and share information about eco-friendly Holi colours.


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Idealist. Feminist. Brevity advocate. Tries to read and write as much as she should. Loves KFC and cola.


Melissa Nazareth

Melissa Nazareth
Idealist. Feminist. Brevity advocate. Tries to read and write as much as she should. Loves KFC and cola.
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