Restaurant Review: A Slam Dunk For Mumbai’s First Dunkin’ Donuts & More



We should feel special, real special. Not because we have yet another American QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) knocking expectantly at our doors, begging us with baited breath to patronise its sugary offerings. But special because India is the only place where the mega donut giant Dunkin’ Donuts is branded as Dunkin’ Donuts & More. Yes, there’s a whole lot more on offer here than just the eponymous donut. Positioning itself as an adult QSR, the city’s very first Dunkin Donuts & More opens its doors today at its twin branches in Khar and Kurla. So, is all the hype surrounding it worth it? Or is it just another ‘flash in the pan’ kind of place?

My induction into the world of all things Dunkin’ began at the Khar outlet on a sultry, humid summer’s day when the words ‘sauna’ and ‘Mumbai’ could very well be used as synonyms for each other. A large space with plenty of exposed brick work, with minimal, muted detailing in the form of vintage Dunkin’ Donuts print ads framed on the walls, minus any teeny bopper-esque candy floss trimmings, the outlet is a breath of fresh air.

alive by chocolate by Dunkin' DonutsPaying a deaf ear to mamma’s advice of no sweets before a meal, I started with a selection of what else but donuts! And I must say that I use the word ‘selection’ very loosely. A procession of chocolicious wonders was my undoing, toplined by the duo of the Alive By Chocolate Donut and the Death By Chocolate Donut with their fluffy bellies oozing with gooey sinfulness. But my personal favourite of this range was the Boston Crème Chocolate Donut with its unctuous cream filling that thankfully wasn’t cloyingly sweet. The Classic Coffee had a strong but not overpowering taste of coffee, while the Triple Chocolate Crunch with its spangled top was texturally brilliant and was perfect for a dunk in the Hot Drip Coffee that was a robust boost of caffeine.

From the Shell Donuts Range, the Very Very Blueberry with a jammy centre was the perfect fruity foil to the aforementioned chocolate excess, as was the Strawberry Double Delight. While my very first bite of the Cinnamon Donut in the Classic Donuts range had me a wee bit disappointed with its rather dry texture and low on cinnamon flavouring, the magic of a 10 second whirl in the microwave oven had me instantly reconsider my opinion. My only grouse is that I had to suggest the heating up bit and not my server who should have known better.

The Classic Glazed Cake Donut in the same range that is one of only two donuts (the other being the scrumptious Chocolate Cake Donut) to be bestowed with a red dot, indicating the presence of egg in its recipe is a lovely new idea of a cake donut. This one, with a lot more body and bounce than a now-common cronut—which they don’t do thankfully! A quick shot of java was a much needed remedy to counter the ensuing sugar high and so my second innings was the triple layered Stirr’accino with a creamy top holding beneath it a strong shot of espresso and another layer of cappuccino.

Tough guy burger by Dunkin' Donuts
Tough guy burger by Dunkin’ Donuts

And now for the ‘& More’ bit. There is a lot for the savoury food fan here, from the perfectly made (in house) boiled Bagel with just the right chewy exterior served with a cooling cream cheese to the generously endowed Paneer Wicked Wrap that has in its multigrain tortilla folds a tangy raw mango relish to counter the hot hit from the smokey chipotle sauce along with crunchy nachos. Genius!

After almost giving up on ever finding a half decent burger at a QSR, I was over the moon with the absolutely divine and aptly named Heaven Can Wait chicken burger with two distinctly seasoned juicy chicken patties enrobed in a creamy chili mayo and a cheesy jalapeno sauce. But despair reared its ugly head with the criminally spicy Pepper Chicken Burger with a terribly warped patty to bun ratio, with the former almost half in circumference to the mighty bun. Clearly someone needs to pay attention to the geometry of this aberration. The rather macho sounding Tough Guy Burger is a great polygamous marriage of a black and white sesame-crusted bagel bun, joined by a yummy chorizo chicken patty and paprika chicken salami with a fiery mustard sauce and a trio of lettuce, tomato and onion as the requisite witnesses.

All this, I washed down with a trio of the iced teas that they do. While I found the Classic Lemon Iced Tea way, way below average and bland, the Spiked Iced Tea redolent with cinnamon, star anise and mace was a wonderful and uniquely spicy take on an iced and sans milk version of masala chai. The decidedly oriental flavoured Iced Green Tea imbued with lemongrass and ginger although nice, would have fared better with the addition of a little more sweetness and a hit of lime. And while they have the insanely popular milk-blended iced Dunkaccinos on the menu, they were not available to try when I visited. But then, that’s one more reason for me to be back for some additional dunkin’ and yes… more!

Khar: Bharat Bhavan, 711, Linking Road, Khar (w).
Kurla: 2nd floor, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla (w).
HOW MUCH? Rs 550 for two (no alcohol served here).
WHEN? 8am to 11pm (Khar branch) and 10am to 11pm (Kurla branch)
WHAT’S HOT? The extremely competitive pricing and the very apparent high quality and freshness of the finest ingredients used in almost every item on the menu.
WHAT’S NOT? The in-your-face chocolate overkill with 14 donut specimens out of the 21 paying obeisance to the gooey wonder ….not that many would complain, but still! Also, what’s with chicken being the only meat protein served?

This review was done on the invitation of Dunkin’ Donuts & More

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Raul Dias

Raul Dias
Lists travel, food and luxury as the tantalizing trifecta that defines him. When he’s not travelling, eating or getting pampered at a spa, you'll find him assaulting his notebook's keyboard with a feral vengeance, churning out what he hopes are intelligent, informative and entertaining stories.