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By now you already know that the planet’s biggest party is coming to Mumbai next weekend! EarthDance, a global peace party that celebrates unity in diversity across countries and creeds, is coming to Mumbai for the first time, bringing together art, music and spirituality in one big party. From musicians to performers and tarot card readers and music therapists, EarthDance India has brought together an eclectic mix of people to make the peace party a weekend to remember.

Let’s take a look at the artists lined up for the event. This is a live list and we will keep adding artists in the next few days, so you can check back later for the full list. If you would like to perform at EarthDance 2013, we would love to hear from you too. Write to

Silence ProjektSilence Projekt
Mumbai based Silence Projekt likes to experiment with silence. He believes ‘silence is an existence which can never be denied underneath the ever-present sounds. It may hide in its silent cloak, but when the noise fades silence begins to boom.’ In his journey to bring his vibrant and melodic brand of psychedelic trance to a global audience, he will destroy the silence that pervades this genre.

AnckurDJ Anckur
He represents the new form of EDM, which is a result of his eclectic background. With over 12 years in music, he is known to be a master producer with some amazing techniques to produce his own brand of music.

UnderConstructionUnder Construction
The Band was formed a year ago in 2012. The drummer of the band, Friedel, is a Web-o-holic and visits all kinds of sites and one fine day he opens this page which said “the web page is under construction”. And that’s how the name came up and stuck! They play Jazz, Blues, Hard Rock, Metal.

DJ StetsonDJ Stetson
DJ Stetson learnt the art of deejaying at the young age of 16. Since then Stetson has mastered the art of mixing and creating bass thumping tracks in all genres like Bollywood remixes, UK bhangra, Hip-Hop, R&B, Electro, Funky House, Trance, Retro and Lounge among others.

Frozen Chimes
Formed in 2009, Frozen Chimes plays alternative / progressive but don’t want to limit themselves to the genre. Frozen Chimes aims to experiment with different genres of music and incorporate them into their own style.

Amul LokanathanAmul Lokanathan
Critically acclaimed Electronic Music DJ Amul Lokanathan carves a niche every time he is behind the console. Popularly known for his versatility, his signature style of mixing has fast gained him much respect and recognition in the Indian Electronic Music scene. Amul is accredited to promote alternative/eclectic genres of music like Dubstep, Glitch, Drum-n-Bass and Break BeatFunk, Disco, Jackin House through his gigs.

Krazy ElectronsKrazy Electrons
Krazy Electrons are a Mumbai Based Electronic music duo composed of Chatty(Chaitanya) and Ajay Jayanti – The Live Agents and Kunal – The Virtual Guy. They are perhaps the only Ethno -DNB act from India and play self styled DNB grooves, percussive breakdowns, all dipped with Carnatic Attitude.

dj Psy INERTIA & dj Tom Brandon doubles up as Trickedge – a Tech House / Techno / Prog act. Rendering a combination of melodic rhythm and hypnotic grooves with atmospheric bass lines the duo amalgamates into the realm of house music.

Kunal Naik
A Mumbai based creative person, an artist and a musician, Kunal Naik, like to believe he is a self explorer. He is a self taught Morchang player (Mouth Harpist) and has a rare collection of harps from round the world. His collections are from India, Hungary, Vietnam, China, Russia, Siberia and many other places.

EarthDance 2013 will also have these workshops lined up for you next weekend…

Studio 62
Mumbai based Studio 62 will conduct Live Graffiti, Poi Art, DIY workshops and live caricatures at the EarthDance party. In keeping with their philosophy of sharing art spaces and opening art to the public, they will be happy to chat with you or share stories about their adventures with art.

Slacklining with Slacklife
Slacklining, is the latest trend in adventure sports globally. It is the art of balancing done on a 1 to 2 inch flat webbing tensioned between two solid anchor points such as trees or lamp posts. The gorgeous venue for EarthDance 2013 is the best place to try out slacklining in the open. Slacklife India team will be present to share information and guide you.

Shiva’s Abode
Shiva’s Abode helps people in channelising their positive energy in a constructive manner so as to improve their quality of life. They will be offering a free of cost awareness talk. You can also try out their Chakra diagnosis or Tarot card guidance at a cost.

Stress Management
Stress Buster Music, founded in 2009 by Satpal Walia, the company has helped more than 1000 professionals with music therapy. They offer various stress busting music courses using instruments like the Guitar, keyboard and even other forms like dance and yoga. They will be conducting small demos at the EarthDance venue for you to try your hand at music therapy.

Yoga Workshop
Naval K Sikhwal has been practicing yoga since he was 12-years-old and has been teaching since 2003. He runs classes throughout Mumbai in Hatha Yoga and Power Yoga focusing on fitness and health care solutions for ailments like Obesity, Diabetes, Neck pain, Arthritis, Stress, Insomnia, Heart problems, mental tension and depression. The workshop at EarthDance will include a 2 and a half hour practice including, asana (postures), Balancing asana, pranayama (breathing practices) and DRT(Deep Relaxation Technique), power yoga, a talk on the effects of the seasons on yoga practice.

So get your dancing shoes on and get ready to party with the world on 21st and 22nd September!
See you there!

When: Saturday 21st September and Sunday 22nd September, 2013
Time: 10:00 am on Saturday to 10:00 pm Sunday
Cost: Rs 1500 for entry to the festival
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The world's largest global peace party comes to Mumbai for the first time in it's 17th year. Party with people from over 600 cities, at the same day and time. 50% of proceeds from the event go towards aiding Snekankit Helpline, an NGO that works with the visually challenged.

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EarthDance Mumbai

EarthDance Mumbai
The world's largest global peace party comes to Mumbai for the first time in it's 17th year. Party with people from over 600 cities, at the same day and time. 50% of proceeds from the event go towards aiding Snekankit Helpline, an NGO that works with the visually challenged.