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East India Co.medy Gang
Sorabh Pant
Sorabh Pant

If you are a fan of comedy, (really, who isn’t?) there is no way you haven’t heard of Sorabh Pant or the East India Co.medy. (And if you have been living under a stone, smile, this blog post is for you!) Better known as HankyPanty on Twitter, Sorabh and his team have grown to become one of Mumbai’s leading stand-up comedian teams. They have traveled across the country with their gags and even picked up a few from fun loving audiences on shows. Sorabh recently performed at RLife LIVE, Renaissance Hotels’ exclusive entertainment program, and here is an excerpt from an email interview.

Tell me about East India Co.medy? How did the team get together?
Kunal and me were doing comedy for the longest time and we finally decided that this might be where we make our actual money. So, we found Sapan and Sahil doing drugs in a street corner and raised them as our children! Seriously, we wanted to expand comedy in India and take it to the next level and to places that never had stand-up earlier. So, this was what we did. The East India Co.medy is all about getting busy making jokes all across the country and beyond. We’re hoping to “Import Indian comedy to Indians”, we’ll start with India and then the world and then we’ll launch a clown monkey to Mars!! 

East India Co.medy Gang
East India Co.medy Gang

How is stand up different from improv comedy and what is East India Co.medy’s forte?
Stand-up is entirely scripted. Any comedian who tells you otherwise is talking through his behind. 90 – 95% of the show is scripted and 5 – 10% is audience interaction. East India Co.medy’s forte is stand-up. We do want to expand other genres but, stand-up comedy is the main focus. And, writing – we’re writing for TV, events and films are planned as well.

Tell me about the RLive show?
Lots of jokes about India, relationships and travel. From 3 different perspectives. This time and beyond. Also, unbelieavably good looking comedians. We’re even wearing blazers for a change, so that’s new!

Since East India Co.medy has traveled across India, which city (Indian or overseas) or its people do you think have the best sense of humour?
Chandigarh. People are nuts. I’ve done only 1 public show but, it was awesome. They laugh like crazy people. They get offended if you don’t offend them. They actually pulled me back on stage after the show to do more jokes! But, most Indian cities have a great sense of humor – you just have to know their limits. Mumbai is awesome, Delhi and Bangalore and even Pune kick ass as well. I just did Shillong as well – fabulous people!

Sorabh's Tweet
Sorabh’s Tweet

What does Mumbai mean to you?
My home in denial. I love Mumbai but, I always wish it could be better. I see cities in India – parts of Delhi and Hyderabad and Bangalore that are better developed. I wish we were that. But, Mumbai has the greatest people in the country – local and otherwise!

One thing you love about the city and one thing you hate about the city?
It accepts you and lets you be. That’s terrific. I hate the noise – I hate the screaming from religious places day and night. God must be up there buying ear buds. How screaming and playing dholaks gets you close to God is a mystery to me.

Kunal's tweet
Kunal’s tweet

Top 3 must-do things in Mumbai…
· Eating at Swati Snacks – I love Non-Veg but, I turn into a Jain there.
· Going to see a Kushti match – not recommended if you’re not suited in armor.
· Going to trek in all the great Maratha forts – it’s tremendous.

Top 3 must-see places in Mumbai…
RACECOURSE! I love Mahalaxmi Race Course – it is my favorite place in Mumbai. That is my temple, seriously. A beacon of happy green solitude in the middle of nowhere. Plus, sexy horses – OK, that sounds weird. Also, any place that has comedy shows. And, my heart – my heart is awesome, come live here.

While you make others giggle, what makes you crack up?
My wife is always prime in my list. We fight about something and despite my rising BP, I’ll still get a good joke out of it. So, it’s a wonderful relationship 🙂

Sorabh's Tweet
Sorabh’s Tweet

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
X-Ray vision is so awesome. It sounds so sleazy but, my daily life would be a Sunny Leone video. But, seriously it would be flying. I’d love to fly and spy on people and also poop on people I don’t like. And, also save on travel costs. Oh, that would be great. I spend lakhs on air travel a year, this would be a relief!

If you were not a comedian you would perhaps have been_________and why?
An author. A full fledged author. I’d be living in some far off suburb of Mumbai just writing. It would have been fun. I’m still writing books though, so am living the dream. I could and really don’t want to do anything else. I’m a comedian and an author – who wants more? Once I get my Russian Belly dancing degree, I’m set.

When you have spare time you would probably be found doing_________ at __________ with _________.
Let’s leave those blank or my wife will say I’m giving out bedroom secrets in public.

For details on Sorabh Pant’s East India Co.medy check out their website, Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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