This World Environment Day, Go Green With NGOs Working Towards Environment Safety In Mumbai

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Everyone’s complaining about how the weather has become so unpredictable. The recent tornado in Oklahoma is also being attributed to deforestation by some experts. Then there are posts on Facebook talking about how everyone wants to park their vehicles in the shade but no one wants to plant trees. I recently bumped into a NatGeo image that spoke of the Firecrest, an endangered bird species in the UK, responsible for dispersion of seeds for many tree species. Well, are we doing enough to protect our environment? To celebrate World Environment Day 2013, which falls on 5th June, we bring you a live list of well known NGOs in the city that are doing whatever they can to save our world and make it a greener place.

Mangrove Society of India (Mumbai Chapter)
There’s no denying that mangroves are a really important part of our habitat especially since we have a long coastline. Mangroves protect coastal regions from wave action as they hold the soil together thus preventing erosion. They protect inland areas during storms and minimise damage. This NGO helps in the conservation of mangroves.
Where: Andheri West

Conservation Action Trust
This NGO is mainly focused on providing assistance in the form of technical information, legal advice, aid and equipment to all those who are confronting environmental problems. Currently it is concentrating on protecting the mangroves in Mumbai, helping to solve the tiger crisis and ensuring that forests are not distributed to appease voters.
Where: Ghatkoper West
Contact: 022-25122422/23

Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS)
This membership based NGO is one of the oldest in Mumbai and has been working to protect the environment for the past 127 years. The society is focused on conservation of nature, primarily biological diversity, through action based on research, education and public awareness. BNHS has associated with top corporate names of the likes of Tata Group, Godrej Group and State Bank of India. You must check out its rich collection of animal and plant specimens and of course the library as well. It’s Flamingo Festival 2013, in March was a hit with Mumbaikars.
Where: Kala Ghoda, Fort
Contact: 022-22025481

Clean Mumbai Foundation
Founded in 1992, this NGO has collaborated with colleges like KC College to spread environmental awareness. Last year it even participated in the Kala Ghoda Festival, jointly with other groups where children from Dharavi created music out of waste products.
Where: Colaba
Contact: 022-22044838

I Love Mumbai
This NGO aspires to involve the layman in the contributing to the betterment of the environment. It goes by the  slogan ‘Clean Mumbai, Green Mumbai’ and has been distributing 100,000 free saplings annually, across the city to make this slogan a reality and reduce environmental pollution.
Where: Marine Lines
Contact: 022-22884052

This group works towards creating environmental awareness and raising funds for conservation and other related projects. Vanashakti primarily advocates the critical role played by forests in human well being. They have many partner NGOs that they support. Of these Ekvira Aii Pratishthan works towards mangrove conservation, New Link Road Residents’ Forum fights encroachment in mangrove areas and Awaaz Foundation focuses on prevention of mining in ecologically sensitive areas apart from noise and marine pollution as well as other environmental issues.
Where: Bhandup East
Contact: 022-22 65291089/22 65255657

Plant & Animals Welfare Society  (PAWS)
This is an independently registered NGO founded in 2002 by likeminded youth who wanted to work in the field of animal welfare and environment protection. Over the years PAWS has raised several pertinent issues concerning the environment and animals.
Where: Bhandup West
Contact: 02225968314

Are you part of any NGO in Mumbai that works towards environmental protection and conservation? Do write to us on; let’s spread awareness this World Environment Day, June 5.

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Melissa Nazareth

Melissa Nazareth
Idealist. Feminist. Brevity advocate. Tries to read and write as much as she should. Loves KFC and cola.
  • Abhay

    Thanks for the valuable info, I think in this 2 yrs many more NGO’s might have sprung up to advocate the environmental, conservation and preservation issues prevailing around us in a very unforeseen manner.