Event: Bake Your Own Halloween Cupcakes!


Halloween Cupcakes

Cupcakes Galore! The city is fascinated & obsessed with cupcakes! From cupcakes of unimaginable flavours to Angry Birds, we seem to find cupcakes of all types in the City! But have we experienced cupcakes that send a chill down our spine? Gyaanexchange.com in association with The Art Loft presents “Halloween Cupcake Making” !

Over here you will learn to make some super spooky Halloween cupcakes and ingredients required to make them! This will be a 3 hour workshop where everything will be demonstrated step by step! In this workshop, you will learn to create eerie Cupcakes and Cake-Pop magic using witchcraft (edible sugar craft). Whether you’re a beginner (aged 13 or above) or just a big foodie, this workshop is sure to grab your attention!

Meet your favourite vampires, ghouls or even a friendly ghost like Casper as you go on to learn and create spooky cupcakes and have a great time at the same time! You’re required to bring a pad and a pen along if you want to take notes. It is a really relaxing workshop and it is impossible not to have fun.

Enrollment Details:
Registrations close on 20th October
To register/enroll:
Log on to: www.gyaanexchange.com
or Call: 9167606469
or Email: learn@gyaanexchange.com

Class details:
Date: Sun, 21st, October, 2012
Time:  11 am to 2 pm
Venue: The Art Loft, Valentino rest bldg, First floor, Above Patel stores besides Mehboob studios, Bandra(W), Mumbai, 400050
Price: Rs 2000

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