Tea And Coffee Cocktails At Salt Water Cafe And Smoke House Deli

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Smoke House Deli
Salt Water Cafe and Smoke House Deli are marrying a connoisseur's two favorite vices, in one invigorating menu. The Tea and Coffee go to the bar, this menu blends caffeine and a wide range fine spirits with great care - so whether you're crushing on Chamomile or bananas about Bourbon, this menu is guaranteed to leave you on a high. This Tea and Coffee Cocktail menu is perfect for an afternoon of stimulating conversation and sundowner sessions - take for instance the  Earl Grey Infused Old Monk, the Hibiscus Tea & Gin, or for the even more adventurous, there's the  Tangerine + organic green rooibos & gin. If you're game for a quick pick me up, try the Chai LIT or Jager LIT - you're guaranteed to feel lighter. If your poison is white spirits, the menu contains lethal mixes, like the  White spirit’s + sour mix + black tea, Bourbon Infused Yerba Mate, the Chamomile Infused Margarita, Chamomile Infused Tequila + lavender + sour mix, Toffee + Coffee Martini, Fresh Bottled Espresso Margarita, Smoke House Deli Cuba Libre. If you're a beer guzzler, there's the Magnum Coffee - the Tea and Coffee Cocktail menu has  something for everyone, at any time of the day! So if you're in the mood for a quick stimulant or feel like nursing a cuppa, head over to Salt Water Café or Smoke House Deli near you and you'll be pleasantly surprised!   When:Till first week of March Where:Smoke House Deli(Pali Hill, Bandra West,Bandra Kurla Complex,High Street Phoenix,) & Salt Water Cafe(Bandra & Churchgate)
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