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New age is all about new fashion; and new fashion demands enthusiasts to stay up to date with all kinds of trends – branded and non-branded. While going out for an opulent dinner in a designer dress might seem utterly appropriate, going to work in similarly inordinate clothes is no short of dottiness. Today’s new age motto can be summarised as budget shopping; and that, without wasting a lot of time roaming about in cavernous malls. This list of online shopping destinations is going to help you buy happiness with simply a click of a button.

Peach Lace Tunic Rs 1150

1.    The Bombay Story
Next time you feel like a frenzied shopaholic, simply log onto Facebook. This Mumbai  based e-store sells clothes and accessories imported from overseas to bring you classiest of products at affordable prices.

Famous For: Exclusive The Bombay Story bags designed by in-house designers.
Price Range: All clothes below Rs 1800 and bags range from Rs 1200-1500

Printed Summer Dress Rs 1250

2.    Candidly Couture
Other than promoting and selling clothes and accessories this online store also gives away complimentary styling tips on their Facebook page. With extrinsic bags and jewellery sold at shockingly less prices, this store is an absolute hit among fashionistas.

Famous For:  Shoes, bags and uber-chic clothes.
Price Range: All bags, clothes and accessories are below Rs 2000

Printed Denim Dress Rs 650

3.    A-J Store
A-J Store is a product of a fashion blogger who boasts a penchant for unconventional clothing. What’s unconventional is her idea to style herself for the camera in various ensembles to provide her audience with a sample of what they might want to buy. Her selection of garments show her ineffable taste in fashion and her passionate goal to promote new trends.

Alternate Location:
Famous For: Clothes and footwear.
Price Range: All clothes, bags and footwear are below Rs 1500

Neon Statement Neck Piece Rs 1550

4.    8teen Style Boulevard
Some of the freshest and ageless trends can be found in this store. From accessories to clothing, 8teen Style Boulevard has everything a girl can possibly want. What’s most exciting is the vast collection that the store shelters. Furthermore, the spry owner of the store is known for uploading new stuff on hourly basis, making it the most exciting online destination to begin your day with.

Famous For: Bags, clothes and accessories.
Price Range: All products cost less than Rs 2200

Chiffon Skirt Rs 1500

5.    Cupcakes and Closets
With the beneficial cash on delivery option, you can shop at Cupcakes and Closet anywhere, any time. What’s more exciting are the deals on accessories and monthly give-aways that you can treat yourself with. Apart from all the products that are on sale, the owners of the page happily indulge in sharing photos from various style blogs, taking your desires to a whole new level.

Famous For: Clothes, Bags and accessories.
Price Range: All products are priced below Rs 3000

Ruffled Shirt Rs 1300

6.    Apparels
By approaching 7500 plus fans, Apparels has proven to be most women’s favourite online shopping destination. From peppy, neon skirts to classy, monochrome sheath dresses, the store houses garments to fulfil your every need. And, withal, there are suitably elegant accessories to complete the look. You simply can’t order one product when there’s so much served on the plate.

Famous For: Dresses, bags and footwear.
Price Range: No product is priced above Rs 2800

Slit Maxi Dress Rs 899

7.    Timeless T.O.G.S
Jazzy crop tops, sequin skirts, slit maxis and lace shorts are a hit among most products in this store. If you’re someone with a fondness for retro clothing, best matched with thick eye liner, cat-eye sunnies and sock buns, then you shouldn’t delay further and click on the link above.

Famous For: Slit maxis and crop tops.
Price Range: All clothes not above Rs 2000

Green Flats Rs 1900

8.    He and She Store
He and She Store is like a breath of fresh air. It shelters accessories of the latest trends alongside interesting designs of footwear and hand bags. What’s more interesting is they amass a healthy mix of ethic and modern wear, giving their audience a vast variety to choose from.

Famous For: Clothes and shoes.
Price Range: All products less that Rs 2000

Leopard Print Sunglasses Rs 999

9.    Style Fiesta
Style Fiesta shouts passion and this passion is enough to push trends to the fence for everyone to see. Aside from Facebook, the style enthusiast owning this store also runs a fashion blog where she makes it a point to introduce these trends and highlighted products that go on sale, making the website a hit.

Alternate Location:
Famous For: Sunglasses, dresses and bags.
Price Range: Sunglasses, dresses and accessories are not more than Rs 2000 

White Chiffon Dress Rs 1750

10.    Funky Queen
As the name suggests, this store is all about funky trends. It aims at a much younger and peppier target audience and their neon and animal print collections are like a breath of fresh air. If you’re someone who loves colour more than pattern, then this store is a definite suggestion for you.

Famous For: Tops, dresses and bags.
Price Range: All garments priced below Rs 1750. 

Have you shopped from any of these online stores?

Photo Courtesy: All photos are sources from store’s websites and FB pages.

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Loves to write about fashion. Besides all the serious stuff, she loves admiring cantankerous women talk in local trains, making mix tapes for friends and clicking photos of her gorgeous cats in free time.


Saloni Dahake

Saloni Dahake
Loves to write about fashion. Besides all the serious stuff, she loves admiring cantankerous women talk in local trains, making mix tapes for friends and clicking photos of her gorgeous cats in free time.
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