For The Love Of Your Sweet Tooth, Five Patisseries In Mumbai You Must Try

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One thing that can get a girl to shut up, apart from a flat 50% off at her favourite store is something sweet. Well, at least I can say that rule applies to me. Having tried almost every bakery in the city (with pride), I can guide my friends, more often than I’d care to confess, about where they can go for the best cupcakes, pastries, cakes, custom made cakes and chocolate milkshakes. So here’s giving you guys the lowdown on where to get your girlfriends or boyfriends their little serving of love from this Valentine’s Day! Read on..

Custom made cupcakes from LSD (Love Sugar Dough)

Love Sugar Dough 
What’s so special: Their cupcake base isn’t dried out; it’s perfectly blended in with the icing on top and has a stuffing of it right in the centre (totally droolworthy)
Brownie Points: For efficient and friendly staff. Plus, the mezzanine floor seating is cozy and comfortable.
Located at: Union Park, Bandra West
Price Range: Between Rs 60 to 80 (additional costs for the letters and little add-ons) 

Macaroons at Theo's
Macaroons at Theo’s

What’s so special: The variety is amazing! And considering the small size, you can have   more from each platter
Brownie Points: For being totally worth the money! Spacious places with fine ambience   are quite the combination.
Located at: Bandra West, Andheri West, Colaba and   Peddar Road
Price Range: Approximately Rs 70 

Pizuki at Polpo
Pizuki at Polpo

Polpo at Shatranj
What’s so special: I know, I know – this isn’t a cafe, bakery sort of place; it’s a   restaurant. But the place is the only one in all of India to serve California’s favorite dessert   – the Pizuki! For those of you who love starting your meal from the other side – you know   where to go now!
Brownie Points: For the staff being extremely proactive and suggesting genuinely nice dishes.
Located at: Union Park, Bandra West
Price Range: Approximately Rs 1000 per head 

Love N Cheesecake
Love N Cheesecake

Love N Cheesecake
What’s so special: Their menu offers 13 kinds of cheesecake – need I say more?|
Brownie Points: For having the variety they do in a relatively smaller serving arena.
Located at: Linking Road, Bandra West
Price Range: Between Rs 100 & 200 

Country Of Origin

What’s so special: I have NEVER (I can not stress enough on this) had a better Red Velvet pastry in my life!
Why no picture? Because I ate it before I realized that I should have Instagram’ed a picture before
Brownie Points: For being at both ends of the city! Saves much time from traveling & getting rid of the Red Velvet craving, no matter where you are.
Located at: Juhu & Neapen Sea Road
Price Range: Between Rs 100 and Rs 200 

Have your own favorite sweet spot in the city? Write to us at or add to the comments below!

All pics by Aanam Chasmawala

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Apart from being a media girl, totally filmi, fashion writer & stylist, she's the princess that slays her own dragons


Guest Blogger, Aanam M R Chashmawala

Guest Blogger, Aanam M R Chashmawala
Apart from being a media girl, totally filmi, fashion writer & stylist, she's the princess that slays her own dragons
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