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Were you one of the people dying to go to the YouTube fanfest that concluded in Mumbai recently? Well, I was one of them too. I may not have been able to witness the fest, but we have videos from the most loved YouTube channels and artists who give their own funny interpretations of what Mumbai is like. We’ve written about Pranita Kocharekar’s awesome video rendition of ‘Shit People Say in Mumbai’ in the past and here are 10 other hilarious videos that explain Mumbai and a Mumbaikar, inside out! What do you think?

Shit people say in Mumbai

A look at this video and you’ll realize that at least half of these things make up for the conversations you have with people, almost everyday. And why I think we’re all proud of all these predictive things we say? Because YOLO, and if you’re lucky, YOLO in Mumbai!

Shit Bandra People Say

So, clearly there’s a lot of shit we Mumbai people say, and clearly everyone is making videos about it. Here’s another one for Bandra people! So if you’ve got friends staying in Bandra, or if you secretly feel proud of making check-ins at all their uber cool restaurants or have simply been brought up there and claim Salman Khan to be your cycling partner since childhood, then you are a true blue Bandra-ite and hey look, how I’m about to stereotype you again with this viral video! The popular MTV Vj, Jose Covaco features in this one.

When Varun’s Versova Wedding Invite Reaches Hitler

If you thought Jews got Hitler really mad, you’re wrong! An entire chapter of History could be rewritten if ! were to describe how mad Versova made Hitler! Don’t believe me? Watch it yourself!

Shit Indians Do in Theatres

Ok, this one is not about Mumbai, but Indians, so it makes our list. If this one gets you screaming, “This is so me! This is so me”. Not that I encourage any of this, especially if I find someone of this particular breed sitting next to me in a theatre, I’m all for cursing Ram Gopal Verma and Tushar Kapoor. Thank All India Bakchod for all the laughing that will follow, once you’ve clicked the play button.

Cyrus Broacha’s take on Kejriwal’s ‘day out’ in Mumbai

Poor Arvind Kejriwal, if the Twitter bashing wasn’t enough, the baap of all jokes and pranks, again, Cyrus Broacha took on his supposed ‘day out’ in Mumbai and how! Broacha is seen telling Kejriwal the tricks and traits to be an Aam Aadmi in Mumbai. This one’s satire at its best!

MTV Bakra- A ghost act at midnight

I’ve always loved MTV Bakra because its so Mumbai and Cyrus Broacha is so Bawa! If you’ve grown up watching MTV Bakra, just like I have, you know how popular this show was. In fact, watching the old episodes on YouTube, still cracks me up. Here’s my favourite video of a prank they played on a street in Mumbai on one not so fine night.

Being the Mumbai Local Train

Who could’ve imagined a Mumbai local train venting out its frustration over the truckloads to people it takes from one place to another, only to be taking more truckloads of people on board? If our local trains could speak, they would probably sound like the stand up comedian, Raju Srivastav in this hilarious stand up act.

Republic Day Quiz

Remember than tongue tied feeling when your most disliked teacher would randomly catch you talking and ask you a question? The Viral Fever does the exact same thing in what is a faceoff between the people of Delhi and Mumbai. Which city do you think gets all the answers right and wins this challenge? And no, I’m not telling you how I fared in this quiz!

What happens when you ask people for directions?

Don’t you enjoy how you ask for directions from a random person walking on the road and 5 other people jump in to share their ‘expertise’? Something of this sort, can happen only and only in Mumbai. In spite of the GPS in our phones, we love asking for direction to our very own local public. What happens when you end up bothering the people by asking them more than just the directions? Watch to find out more in this video by BombayBoyPranks.

Bappa Ganpati Style

When in Mumbai, you never ask a person whether they can dance or not. You just play the Nasik Dhol music and watch the fun. A funny take on what happens during Ganesh Chaturthi, once the music begins. Though my heart goes out to Psy after watching this version of Gangnam Style, I’m secretly happy that I’ve learnt new steps for the next Ganesh Chaturthi.

Know any other videos that are oh so Mumbai and oh so you? Do share with us and keep suggesting more ways to make some healthy fun of ourselves and the lovely people of Mumbai.

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Aspiring writer and student. I bite off more than I can chew, literally. Also, a sporadic dancer. Willing to beg, borrow and steal for chocolates.


Shikha Chawla

Shikha Chawla
Aspiring writer and student. I bite off more than I can chew, literally. Also, a sporadic dancer. Willing to beg, borrow and steal for chocolates.