#MumbaiList: 12 Questions Indian Christians Are Tired Of Answering



The Christian population of Mumbai city is a fun-loving bunch of people who love to party as much as the Vengaboys. We’re totally down with people calling us things like maka-pao or baap-ka-brun, we’re ok if you make fun of our names (we have some pretty funny names – Virgin, Annunciation, Succour (pronounced as ‘sucker’), Perpetual), and we’ll even get over the fact that you think we just HAVE to take a nap every afternoon. But there are a couple of questions that we’re constantly asked that make us go bat-shit crazy. That, and if the local bakery runs out of pao

1. “You eat cow??” 

Cows are Noms
Cows are Noms, Image Courtesy – https://global3.memecdn.com

Err, you mean beef? Hell to the yeah! We also eat pig, goat, sheep, chicken and fish. If we were stranded in the Andes, we’d probably eat you too.   

2. “Why do all Catholics stay in I.C Colony, Orlem, or Bandra?”

Got Pao?
Got Pao?, Image Courtesy – http://images6.alphacoders.com/

Because we’re like meerkats. We feel that there is safety in numbers.

3. “Can you teach me to do jiving and disco dancing?”
Sure, go like this.

Night Fever
Night Fever, Image Courtesy – http://i.dailymail.co.uk/

4. “Why do Christians speak such terrible Hindi?” 

Tukda-tukda, image Courtesy – http://www.santabanta.com/

Look, Hindi is a confusing language. Catholics aren’t well-versed in having to decipher the gender of a spoon.

5. “Do you really ‘eat the body of Christ and drink his blood’ every Sunday?” 

Dumbass, Image Courtesy – www.sodahead.com

Of course men bugger, we totally drink the blood of Christ every Sunday from a silver chalice. We are also all secretly members of the Cullen family and we sparkle in the sunlight.

6. “Why are Goa sausages so stinky?” 

Oh no you didn't!
Oh no you didn’t! Image Courtesy – http://matusiak.org/

Yeah, because gobi smells like the nectar of the gods. And please, Goa sausages are awesome. AWE-FUCKING-SOME.

 7. “Have you ever met the Pope?” 

Hip hop hooray
Hip hop hooray, Image Courtesy – http://static.guim.co.uk/

Tots, men! He comes over every Sunday for a Goa sausage cookout. Then we all jive together to ‘Karma Chameleon’, wind down the night by drinking feni and take turns in holding each other’s hair back as we pray to the porcelain god. Pretty much standard operating procedure.

PS: I know that’s not the current Pope. There were no images of Pope Francis doing the ‘Hip Hop Hooray’.

 8. “Christian chicks are easy, right?”

Dimple, Image Courtesy – http://flickrhivemind.net/

Step 1: Check with Doc and Marty if you can borrow the DeLorean.

Step 2: Set the timer from 1950 (when that stereotypical bullshit was widely believed) to 2014.

Step 3: Step on the gas and reach present day.

Step 4: You’re welcome.

9. “Why do Catholics drink so much?”
Because we can. Because. We. Can.

Bring it on, bro!
Bring it on, bro! Image Courtesy – https://www.memecenter.com/

10. ”So if Jesus is called ‘the lamb of god’, is the poem ‘Mary had a little lamb’ about Jesus and his mother?” 

Dafug?, Image Courtesy – imgur.com

I want what you’ve been smoking.

11. “Is the Holy Ghost like Casper-the Friendly Ghost?”

Casper-Friendly-Ghost, Image Courtesy – photobucket.com

I don’t know, is Arjuna like Hawkeye from ‘The Avengers’?

12. “Want to hear a joke about Catholics?”

Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat, Image Courtesy – memegeneator.com

Ok, ca’an bugger, I’ll tell you one.
Q: How many Catholics does it take to change a light bulb?
A : Forget the bloody light bulb, men. We’ll drink in the dark only.

*Bee tee dubs, hopefully no one’s religious sentiments have been hurt on account of this post. If they have, here is a picture of some baby animals to make it all better.

Baby Animals

Baby Animals, Image Courtesy – http://geniusbeauty.com/


Post By Amanda Ferrao (25 Posts)

Escaped the big bad world of advertising after being held hostage for 10 years. Consecutively developed Stockholm Syndrome and guiltily tries to justify its awesomeness. Sarcasm-enthusiast. Recovering online shopping addict. Self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. Will write for shoes.


Amanda Ferrao

Amanda Ferrao
Escaped the big bad world of advertising after being held hostage for 10 years. Consecutively developed Stockholm Syndrome and guiltily tries to justify its awesomeness. Sarcasm-enthusiast. Recovering online shopping addict. Self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. Will write for shoes.
  • Sadguru Nivas

    not fun at all :-

    • Amanda Ferrao

      Eat some Goa sausages, Sadguru. Fun will come.

      • Sadguru Nivas

        very vulgar comment anyway from a fake

        • Amanda Ferrao

          Arre! What’s so vulgar about Goa sausages, bro? See, even Wikipedia says so: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goan_sausages

          • Benwen

            Hey Amanda….nice one 🙂 here is a another one? Whats the difference between your body and the Body of Christ. Answer:- The Body of Christ gives life….and will never die but your body will rot eventually 🙂

          • Amanda Ferrao

            Hahaha Benwen! Also, “why do catlicks only join the ‘ship’ and become ‘stewards/stewardesses’?”

          • Savio

            Where does your father do? Dahda works in Doobai

          • Amanda Ferrao

            LMFAO Savio! “Dahda” will give you ‘pashting’ ok?

          • Amanda Ferrao

            Sadguru Nivas, why did you leave before answering a very important question that I had? Are you, by any chance, a building?

          • VJ Fernandes

            Aree Ched**cho is vulgar Chorisao on the other hand is Yumm !! 😛

            BTW this is actually what happened to my friend at the Maharashtra border while returning from Goa. He was stopped by the cops for the but obvious booze!, which my friend didn’t carry. All he had was sausages and Kajju (nuts not feni) to which the cop said you have to come with us to the forest rangers office what you carry is illegal (literally wtf!! dunnoo what he read it as chorisao or char** (# *bob marley songs playing in the background* :P) n after a lot of explaining by my friend, they said that pigs are endangered species lol so you’ll have to pay a fine of 5k O_o like why ?? idon’t get why the hatred !! (they settled for a cheaper bribe though)

          • Amanda Ferrao

            Hahahah! “Pigs are endangered species” Now I’ve heard everything! And if that’s true, you can blame the macs for it. We’ve probably eaten them all. Mmmm, bacon!

          • VJ Fernandes

            I’m going to Goa this Wed (much needed time off 😛 ) You want Chorisao ?? tell fast !! 😀 …hoping not to get caught at the border 😉

    • Daryl Fernandes

      You’re really Sad Guru…
      no offence… tk a chill pill bro… be susegad

      • Jessica Braz E Gracias

        A proud maca pao from mazagoan n now a proud resident of goa….thanks for the laughs…

  • bArt

    ooohhoohho sweeeeeeettttttt i love this!!!! esp #8 & #11… btw – for thos really wantin to know if Cchicks are easy, they are. All yer gotta do is marry them :-D.

  • bArt

    Mr. Nivas, kindly expand on the expectations you had before you read this article. thank you.

    • Sadguru Nivas

      expand? on MumbayMag I was expecting some more interesting and tolerant; seems racism run over here, bye then (pls do not bother reply)

      • Amanda Ferrao

        Did you know the writer a.k.a me is also Catholic, Sadguru? 🙂

  • Reena Chakalakal

    Not all Christians are from Goa. How dare you say such things abo…. OHhhhhhhhhhh KITTEN!!! 😀

    • Amanda Ferrao


    • Guest

      @Gimbels:disqus with respect to #2: No hard feelings!! now we are assured n happy that there are Catholics on the otherside of the tracks 😀 guess so do you’ll 😀

      @amandaferrao:disqus Million dollar question Goan, Mangi or Mango ? 😛

  • Guest

    hahahahhaahahahahaahhahaahah nice nice.. 2nd hand….

  • Jackwinder Singh

    hahahahahhahahhahahah nice nice..



  • Gimbels

    1. “You eat cow??”

    After what happened to Shashi Tharoor, I’m not touching this with a ten foot pole.

    2. “Why do all Catholics stay in I.C Colony, Orlem, or Bandra?”

    Where is IC Colony and Orlem? Anywhere near Mazagaon or Byculla? Seriously, I want to know.

    3. “Can you teach me to do jiving and disco dancing?”

    Sure, I’ll have to learn them first.

    4. “Why do Christians speak such terrible Hindi?”

    “Arre kaayko khalibili bom marta hai?” Think I heard that in a Munnabhai movie.

    7. “Have you ever met the Pope?”

    Which one? The one in the picture, the one before him (caught a glimpse of him), or the one after him (plan to meet him at the World Cup.)

    Arre not the one in Australia next year, men. That’s cricket, chi! The one in Brazil. Wait, wrong country, oops!

    BTW, how come no one asks “Why are Catholics more interested in Football than cricket?”

    8. “Christian chicks are easy, right?”

    Hard to tell. These days other chicks are competing with them.

    9. “Why do Catholics drink so much?”

    Because we are competing with the Punjabis.

    10. ”So if Jesus is called ‘the lamb of god’, is the poem ‘Mary had a little lamb’ about Jesus and his mother?”

    Cmon you made this one up didn’t you?

    12. “Want to hear a joke about Catholics?”

    A rabbi, a priest and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, “What is this, a joke?”

    • Amanda Ferrao

      Well done, Gimbels! 😀 Oh and regarding #10, mummy swear, someone asked me that. Albeit they might have been under the influence of some questionable substances.

    • Gary

      areee we love football cuz cricket is a gentleman’s game men bugger…and we ain’t gentle :p

    • Rishad Nathan D’souza

      I for one love cricket and dunno shit about football, but everything else I like and agree more with your post than the original.

    • Rishad Nathan D’souza

      I for one love cricket and dunno shit about football, but everything else I like and agree more with your post than the original.

  • Adley Lopes

    I’m a baby animal and I find this offensive!

    thanks for the morning laugh 🙂

  • Quartzzz

    I met a variety of christians in and around mumbai. Most of them
    practised devout christianity. Many of them hated anything related to
    hindu and hinduism. Quite a few had identity crisis issues. They thought
    they were foreigners and spoke hindi in a foreign accent intentionally.
    It was weird, they thought it was a status symbol. They think they are
    natives to mumbai and all others are immigrants. Somehow they’ve never
    heard of the dozens of indian kingdoms that ruled these territories.
    Some actually think they are portugese!!!

    There is a christian
    community in mumbai who settled here from tamil nadu. None of the family
    members speak tamil. They speak english. I think muslims and christians
    in india are very similar. I’ve seen muslims in karnataka give up
    kannada. They speak urdu and learn arabic.

    Over the years, the chistian community is slowly fading away from mumbai.

    • Savio

      I am a Christian and know no other Christians who speak in an accent. Either they are bad at it or speak decent enough. The East Indian Catholics are native to Mumbai and the original inhabitants. Never heard of Indian kingdoms? Are you trying to say we learnt ‘British history’ at School. I doubt the fact are you even from Mumbai, the Christian community is growing more than before, you should have an idea through the Educational Institutes run by them

      • Darth Incubus

        You have not heard Christians speaking with accents?
        Bro, it seems you have either been living under a rock or you cant tell the difference.

        • Savio

          Grown in Catholic neighbourhood, studied at a Salesian school, ex church member. If you talking about speaking Hindi in a foreign, I buy that 😛

      • Quartzzz

        Savio. there are a variety of christian communities in mumbai. Some dislike each other. Some talk about the nostalgia of british raj. Some actually think mumbai belongs to portuguese(I kid you not) and was annexed by the marathas.

        The east indian community is also fading away fast. Many of them have given up their marathi language. The elders are trying to preserve but have failed. The new generation is wandering aimlessly and will probably meet the same fate as the anglo-indians.

        The anglo-indians faded away after the british left. The portugese exit will have the same effect on east indians and mangalore christians.

        • Savio

          I agree there is a dislike, but not a communal divide. Its nearly 70 yrs since independence, these nostalgic men would be dead by now. Even to the face of Anglos and East Indians fading, I doubt about Mangalorians.

        • neilcp

          The East Indians were there long before the Portuguese

          arrived… Yes, they did do their bit in Mumbai, but so did many others who occupied Mumbai. They left in 1661 and there is STILL the East Indian community, so I dont see any sense in your statement that their exit cause the EI community to fade away.
          This link will give you an insight into the various rulers Mumbai has been thru’…..

      • cacteye

        Where most Indians learn their Chi-Chi English …what?

    • Amanda Ferrao

      Holy Cow (pun intended) Quartzzz! That is some existential opinion. Chal, let’s have a glass of feni and forget all about it, men!

      • Quartzzz

        Haha talking about feni, My family actually owns a cashew-nut farm in a village in konkan. We ferment feni for personal use.

        • Amanda Ferrao

          Hey Quartzzz, have you met Amanda? She is a big fan of all kinds of alcoholic beverages and will assist in the fermenting process free of charge, if your family promises to pay her in said beverages. I think you two will be fast friends bugger.

          • Quartzzz

            Tell Amanda that Quartzzz knows where to find the best 20 rupee “ganja” beedis money can buy. It keeps you in the middle like champagne; not too high, not too low. Just perfect.

          • Amanda Ferrao

            LOL! Noted and noted!

          • Shiva Thekkepat

            Hey, I wouldn’t mind both! So long as you men don’t mind a mallu, and a hindu at that, clinking glasses and lighting up with you, men

  • Darth Incubus

    An absolutely entertaining take on things.
    I care two hoots whether someone can speak hindi or not but Catholics do have this air that they speak really good English as compared to other communities but in terms of how many of ’em can construct a grammatically correct sentence, they are not too different from the rest of the lot.

    • Kris Fernando

      @darth… Now the discussion just got a little weird… Don’t be so stereotypical…! English is a funny language… We just tend to have some ” fun ” with it… And please feel free to correct my “grammar”…

      • Darth Incubus

        Happy to see that you did not outrage. Stereotyping was never my intention. I said that most Catholics in India are on the same level in terms of English proficiency as everyone else but they feel otherwise. And this statement has been corroborated by more than a few catholic friends of mine. One of them being my best bud who’s half catholic and half Tulu. No particular community in India can claim to be better at English than the other. I speak Marathi at home. Do you think my chest swells with pride when I hear the kinda English that is spoken by most Maharashtrians? Hell no!
        The only thing I’m guilty off from the ones listed above is that I do find Goan sausages to have a bit of an off flavour about them. But I think it is possible that I have not eaten the right thing.

    • Amanda Ferrao

      Shall we sit down for some tea and crumpets then, Sith Lord? *notice British accent* 😉

      • Darth Incubus

        Depends on whether you serve Goan sausages! 😉

        • Amanda Ferrao

          My heart belongs to Goa sausages. Always and forever.

          • Darth Incubus

            Its a date then.

  • Shiva Thekkepat

    I especially loved 9 and 10. Lamb of god! More such posts, Amanda! Also, despite having spent more than a dozen years in Bombay, as it was called then, I’ve not come across IC Colony or Orlem. Do tell.

    • Amanda Ferrao

      Thank you Shiva! I.C. Colony is in Borivali and Orlem is in Malad. So now you know where to go if you ever have a Goa sausage craving 🙂

  • Norma Astrid

    @amandaferrao:disqus .. this was real funny and hey Catlicks still live by the dozen in Girgaum, Byculla, Mazgoan and Mahim men 🙂 Thanks for the laughs 😀

    • Amanda Ferrao

      HOW HOW could I forget ‘Mayhim’?!?!?

      • VJ Fernandes

        Seriously !! 😛

      • neilcp

        … and “Boruvlee”, “Kandevlee”…. 😉

      • Mitchelle Almeida

        And Vasai? 😛

  • VJ Fernandes

    @Gimbels:disqus with respect to #2: No hard feelings (Western Railway Catholics Apologize Sincerely) we are assured n happy that there are swarming catholic colonies on the otherside of the tracks 😀 guess so do you’ll 😀

    @amandaferrao:disqus Million dollar question Goan, Mangi or Mango ? 😛

    • Amanda Ferrao

      Portuguese 😀

      • VJ Fernandes

        That’s the hidden firangi within all of us 😉

        • Amanda Ferrao

          You know it!

  • Alroy

    Being a former Pao from mumbai this really cracked me up!!
    Thank You @amandaferrao:disqus for the post 🙂

    • Amanda Ferrao

      You’re very welcome Alroy! Lots more crazy stuff coming up here, so stay tuned. *sorry to sound like a sales pitch*

      • Alroy

        I’m new to this whole thing honestly… I saw the article and decided to join so trust me you already sold me on that without the need for any sales pitch @amandaferrao:disqus

  • machanney

    hahhaa…Point 10. I think the pope should read this in his next sunday mass and then do a facepalm and the whole of Christianity should laugh at it.

    One question – which i used get “Why Good friday is called good friday – Jejus ka Budday hai kyaa??

    another one was The priest comes for a prayer visit in my house in his attire. because me being mallu and mallus with gulf connection. Friends to me “Saudi se Shaikh aaya kyaa?” :/

    • Amanda Ferrao

      Woot! What your dahda got you from the Gelf? Nido? Toblerone? That’s what I always got. Oo, and some gift item from the dirham shop 🙁

      • machanney

        There also mallus didn’t let go of coconuts. Lots and lots of Bounty. 😛 and lil bit of snickers and mars.

        • Amanda Ferrao

          I know someone who brought a mattress down once. Baha!

          • Shiva Thekkepat

            I know a guy who knows a guy who takes home a year’s supply of A4 sheets, ball pens, post-its, etc, from his office when he goes on his annual! Not a mallu however

    • Kris Fernando

      Frustration creeps in when someone wishes you ” Happy Good Friday…! “… Trust me everyone’s been there…!

    • Kris Fernando

      Frustration creeps in when someone wishes you ” Happy Good Friday…! “… Trust me everyone’s been there…!

      • Flavia Remedios

        so true..

    • Korvettes

      If you really want to know “Good Friday” is a corruption of “God Friday”.
      Incidentally, “Goodbye” is a contraction over time of “God be with ye” just like the Urdu phrase “Khuda Hafiz”.

  • CRD

    Here’s one: “Hey, how do you celebrate ‘Happy Good Friday’?”

  • Raj Thomas

    Dont say Indian Christians, may be u can Mumbai Christians or Goan Christians

    • nklj

      Because your a mallu ?

      • Nandini


  • vian


  • Vikram

    How many Catholics does it take to change a light bulb?


  • Floryculture

    lol…my usual response to the the whole drinking bit is….idk, why do gujjus drink so much???

  • Gimbels

    Well Amanda you got me thinking and one myth is resolved.

    I have often wondered about the etymology of “maca pao”.

    “Give me bread” as in “maca pao di” just wasn’t a satisfactory explanation. (This pao is pronounced with a Portuguese intonation just like your last name.)

    A not-so-quick Google search solved the mystery and the credit goes to Roland Francis of Toronto (and to a Sindhi gentleman of all people.)

    It comes from “maka pao, saibini” as in “reach me, Mother of God” which Goan women of Dhobitalao used to exclaim, somewhat like the Italian exclamation “mamma mia”. (This pao is pronounced pow.)

    Phew! 🙂

  • Anthony Mascarenhas

    nice read!! some one once asked me why do we say maria pita che while making the sign of the cross ?!! the other hit was why do we eat pork …..as pigs eat s***t. i’m kinda tired of explaining that piggeries aren’t massive human defecation grounds where the masses come S***t n go (as mr. peters put it),all i usually have to explain these things with my bad hindi.

  • Kyle Albuquerque

    Amanda you are one crazy chick!

    • Amanda Ferrao

      Why, thank you Kyle. I try my best.

  • Nadeem

    Lovely write up….Loved #10

    • Amanda Ferrao

      Thanks, thanks

  • Subash Oliveira

    i also get stuff like “hey dont you wear a suit for sunday mass?” …..yea right….
    and angry friends shout at me while having nonsense argument – “ayyee paavwaale!!”

    • Amanda Ferrao

      At least you don’t get asked why you don’t wear a ‘frock’ every Sunday. Who the fuck wears a ‘frock’ anymore? Except maybe if you’re 10 months old.

      • Korvettes

        I wonder what your reaction would be if you got asked why you don’t wear a veil to church? 😀

        • Amanda Ferrao

          Hahaha! Well, because, contrary to popular belief, I am not the bride of Frankenstein.

    • Shiva Thekkepat

      Hey, back when I was growing up (I admit that was many decades ago!) wearing a suit for Sunday mass used to be a status symbol in our neighbourhood!

  • Isodope

    I want to buy you a drink, Amanda! And not even in the dark. This is very well written.

  • Suraj D’Souza

    “Why do Catholics drink so much?” Because we can. Because. We. Can… Hell yeah as everyone says. you Catholics are Bewda’s.. n to response of “Tum bade ka mutton khaata hai kya” If i say no.. damn the world comes crashing down on them..Kayka catholic tum.. if we eat Bade ka i.e. cow its a problem.. if we dont.. saala then too it is a problem.. Fuhgot to mention .. Awesome post! Funny yet sarcastic..

  • vinodh philip


  • vinodh philip


  • cacteye

    Arre! whose father’s what goes yar. These Catlicks with their Chi-chi English always think they come from foreign gulf or something. Feni is ok but their Goa sausage look more shit than sausage!

  • Jovito Cardozo

    Crazy bugger!!!

  • Jo..

    Good one Amanda
    Here’s a joke i found

    Our friend from Moira, Juze Bostiaum, appeared on
    Kaun Banega Crorepati, the famous ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ hosted show.

    Juze had miraculously reached the end of the rounds
    by saying all his Rosaries & Novenas and had already won Rs.50 lacs.

    “You’ve done very well so far,” said Amitabh “but
    for Rs. 1 crore you’ve only got one lifeline left – Phone a Friend.
    Everything is riding on this question…will you go for it?”

    “Sure,” said Juze.
    “Aum ek last chance marta!”

    “OK….. The question is…. “Which of the following
    birds does NOT build its own nest?
    (a) Robin, (b) Sparrow, (c) Cuckoo, or (d) Crow”

    “Heje mai chem cazar… I not knowing dat,” said Juze, “so better use my last lifeline and phone to my friend Pedru Pochok
    (Actual name: Pedro Pacheco) from Mumbai. He is Goenkar, but he is a Bandra boy and born and brought up in Mumbai so he’s too smart -real shaana beggar.”

    Juze called up his friend in Mumbai, told him the circumstances and repeated the question to him.
    “Arree Baba Juze!” cried Pedru, “Sarko Endo Mure
    Tu, Simple it is… it’s a cuckoo.”

    “Aah-vois, sure mure Pedru?” asked Juze.

    “Arrre baba hundred percent sure re! Pakka!” Juze hung up the phone and told Amitabh Bachan , “I tell Cookoo.”

    “Is that your final answer?” asked Amitabh Bachan.
    “Sarkem Sure, Sir!”

    There was a long, ???????..long pause,????????. then
    Amitabh Bachan screamed, “Cuckoo is the correct answer!
    Juze,you’ve just won Rs.One Crore!!!”

    The next night, Juze threw a big party for all the people from Moira at the Moira Club. Pedru was specially flown in from Mumbai
    as the Chief Guest.
    Time for speeches…

    Juze takes the mike and asks Pedru, “Saang mure, Pedru? Foo told you? How you know cookoo is not building its own nest?
    Otherwise you are sarko bondo and you know nothing
    about birds…. Your Fadder(father) or ticher (teacher) taught you ah-what???”

    “C’mon yaaar! Baskya! What yor saying?” laughed Pedru. “You Goan Paos are sometimes such daffars (duffer) men…. Everybody knows a cuckoo lives in a clock.”

    • francislmonteiro

      when we will be satisfied with 100x cores Dear Servant in love of Jesus

      It was surprise to hear notice saying that Baptisms/Marriage

      certificate will not be given unless contribution receipts towards

      Church building Fund shown

      Why we are not given yearly Balance sheet to show where 30 lacks per

      year collected is put .WE must know in which bank this money is put

      in fixed deposit ..We want clear picture of cores collected from


      Why some priest are transferred in three years and why some are kept

      beyond five years .These discrimination in posting has led youth not

      to go to [priesthood. Even previous priest enjoyed seven years .This

      church is such that only one priest rules the church and there is no

      one to obstruct him

      On Mondays the church is closed for full day? Mostly our Good

      Shepherd is on leave touring Holy Land per year and for other

      activities .

      Christ came to serve and not to be served .They want us to serve

      them by giving Church building fund .One can give charity unknowingly.

      I want clear view of Church on above matter

      Servant Good

      Jun 5 (1 day ago)

      to Nigel

      This is Nativity of our Lord Church Kandivali east Mumbai 400101

  • Shreyans

    Those animals at the end of the post, did you eat them up too?

  • Alisha Fernandes

    This article is AMAZING! Wow!

  • Nishant Pinto

    Have you completely forgotten about the East Indian Community? 😛

  • Pratap

    I only came here because I was searching for ganja beedis.

  • analia

    Loved dis discussion
    so true!!!!! V can live our life d way v want n wen people ask us such questions like y v drink y v party all day long den dt only means dey don’t get to n are really jealous n screaming from within dt y are dey not like us!!!!!

  • abby

    aehhh buggers you forgot about paos living in kalina and vakollaa mannn..

  • Kiran

    Hi, Amanda. I’m writing this from Goa, and in the face of the ‘domestic tourist’ invasion, we have to put up with this kind of crap here as well. Don’t these people EVER get an education?