Gateway Brewery : Mumbai’s Very Own Beer

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Navin, Rahul and Krishna of Gateway Brewery
Navin, Rahul and Krishna of Gateway Brewery

Though I’m not much of a beer guzzler, I’ve always been curious about the brew. In my previous article about beer, I spoke of how beer is brewed in almost every part of the world and how Mumbai’s bars are now welcoming various international beers. The international beer invasion is more than welcome, it gives us a chance to taste a bit of the world. But what excites me even more, is that starting November, some of our favourite bars like Woodside and Bonobo will also serve some locally brewed beer. Introducing the Gateway Brewery, Mumbai’s very first micro-brewery!

The Gateway Brewing Co. is the brainchild of three beer loving boys: Navin, Rahul and Krishna. Navin Mittal has been an avid home brewer for the last seven years. His blog, Indian beer geek is like an inventor’s journal, with detailed descriptions of his experiments with home brewing. It is this blog that got him in touch with Rahul Mehra and Krishna Naik. They started by collaboratively conducting beer brewing workshops and talks and for the last year they have been working on setting up a micro-brewery in Dombivali, Mumbai.If there’s one thing they guarantee, it’s that they strive to create the best possible product “We brew the beers that we love to drink”.

With rising environmental and health awareness many people now prefer geo-friendly produce, that’s locally grown. I’m sure locally brewed beer will be very warmly welcomed. Craft beers are typically brewed on a small scale. As Rahul explains, “it’s all about producing superior quality, flavorful, chemical free beers.” A lot of thought, experimentation and passion goes into fine tuning the end product. Which is what true beer lovers will appreciate. The malt used is sourced from Gurgaon. Having a local source ensures standardization and logistical efficiency. As of now hops and yeast is imported, but our local lads plan to culture their own yeast soon. Since no chemical preservatives or stabilizers go into the beer, they need to be stored and transported with utmost care. All these factors, including the nature of Mumbai’s ground water that goes into making the beers make them unique.


To start with a handful of different beers will be available. Most likely to be popular are the easy-drinking, refreshing beers like German Hefeweizen, Belgian Witbier and Blonde Ale. They suit this tropical weather. For the more seasoned beer drinker are the fuller bodied and high flavor beers like the Indian Pale Ale and Porter. Of course it doesn’t just stop here; expect season specials, limited release beers and maybe some high strength Belgians and aged beers.

To start with Gateway Brewery won’t be retailing their beers at liquor stores, you will have to visit local bars to grab a pint. Depending on the type a pint would cost you between Rs.180 to Rs.200, which makes them affordable and approachable. That way those who want to drink better beer aren’t deterred by the price factor.

This is as honest and as local as it gets: a beer made in Mumbai, by Mumbaikars. Let’s raise our mugs to welcome Gateway Brewing Co. Cheers!

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