Stuff We Love: Gaysi Zine’s First Anthology Of Queer Graphic Art



Absolutely love the recently published fourth edition of the Gaysi Zine which is the first ever anthology of queer graphic fiction in India. From personal to political, earnest to revolutionary, these stories reflect various shades of queerness across a spectrum of experiences and imaginings.

Studio Kokaachi &Sandhya Prabhat - Dearest LathaGraphic art is bold medium that engages the viewer by presenting a thought within a context. Whether the subject is known or unknown, real or imaginary, art makes it relatable. Through art, some stories evoke the experience of travelling to the inner recesses of the human mind while others present the world views of the artists. In between this is where the reader feels the connection.

With thought provoking cartoons, illustrations, doodles and accounts, this collection mirrors the views of writers and artists about what ‘queer’ means to them. The zine’s contributors are an array of straight and queer, young and old, artists and writers; all looking for ways to engage with different ideas of queerness.

This special edition is put together by a team comprising Priya Gangwani, member of Gaysi, who has curated and edited the stories; Sreejita Biswas, founder of Striptease The Mag, who compiled the magazine in its current avatar and gave it art direction and Ojoswi Sur, who illustrated the fabulous cover page.

You can order the Gaysi Queer Art Anthology here. View a few pages of the zine here. Know more about the work they do on the Gaysi website.

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