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Home cooked gourmet, Samaas

When I was little, I remember being quite envious of my mallu best friend. At her place they ate warm crisp dosas for breakfast and spicy coconut fish-curry for lunch. Even a simple dal made by her mom tasted different from mine. Though I loved my mother’s food, meals at her home were exotic. I enjoyed the change and looked forward to it. And I felt this way about several other friends. Food from each of their homes was so different!

Malvani Fish Curry (Samaas)
Malvani Fish Curry (Samaas)

There’s something quite exciting about eating a home cooked meal from a home other than your own. It’s made with a familiar dose of love, but unfamiliar ingredients. Now this joy of eating the everyday exotic is just one phone call away.

Samaas brings together some of the best home cooks from different Indian communities, who specialize in authentic meals from their respective region. All you have to do is go through their menu online and place an order. A hot home cooked meal will arrive at your doorstep within an hour and a half, if you live between Andheri to Bandra. Just like at your own home, a different menu is prepared every day of the week.

Bengali Chingri Malaikari (Samaas)

The aim is to not just bring you a great meal, but to create a cultural experience. You will be introduced to traditional recipes, that are passed down through generations. You can be sure the dishes prepared are special. This definitely isn’t food you’ll find in restaurants. Samaas ensures that all the food is cooked “slowly and lovingly” and in small quantities. Everything is made from scratch and no food is pre-cooked, which ensures a fresh homely feel. As of now they offer Malvani food by Mrs. Nayan and Bengali food by Mrs. Bagchi. Puneri cuisine will soon be introduced along with others. They have some great introductory offers so place your order now, and go on a cultural journey. You can also place large party orders. Log onto www.samaas.in or call 022 2617 4716.

Lemonies from Maya ne Banaya
Lemonies (Maya ne Banaya)

Maya ne Banaya
Remember the days when birthdays meant a home-made cake and not a trip the the nearest Birdy’s? Simpler times, when food tasted better than it looked. “High on taste, low on drama” just like the delicious home-made confections from ‘Maya ne Banaya’. Here’s another take on capturing the warmth of home cooked food.

Maya makes some delicious sweet treats in her Yari road residence. She hands craft everything from gooey chocolate cookies to slices of lemony sponge cake, with rich hearty ingredients. Her goodies are free from any preservatives or added colours, which gives them that signature home-made wholesome feel.

Chocolate Swirl Shortbread, Maya ne Banaya
Chocolate Swirl Shortbread, Maya ne Banaya

Every Sunday Maya announces the menu for the week. The food she bakes is available only on Wednesdays and Saturday. Once your place your order all you have to do is wait patiently till the day of the week arrives. Your order will be ready and waiting for you at Maya’s home! Just drop by before 7p.m. and pick it up.

Everything about the process if traditional, from the ingredients to the attitude towards food. Baking is a slow process, which requires patience and precision. The menu for the week and fixed days might seem out of place in world where food is expected within 30 minutes and ‘cash-on-delivery’ is the preferred method of payment. But there’s a certain old world charm about the way things are done at ‘Maya ne Banaya’.

Both Samaas and Maya ne Banaya are brands that in their own way are saving the world from the curse that is fast-food. Unfortunately regional cuisines and traditional cooking methods face stiff competition from the “quick and easy”. But it’s good to know there are an increasing number of options out there for those of us who appreciate the warmth of fresh, slow cooked, home-made food that’s made with a generous helping of love.

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