Interview: Exploring New Sounds With Nucleya


Udyan Sagar or Nucleya as he is popularly known on the indie music circuit needs no introduction to his fans. Among the pioneers of the global bass movement in India, this self-taught artist was a former member and partner of Bandish Projekt. Influenced by the Asian underground movement in his early years, Nucleya has given Indian electronica a new spin, as seen in his last album Koocha Monster with its bass-heavy dubstep. After his first performance at Sula Fest 2015, in a rapid-fire Q&A with Salil Jayakar he talks about the Sula experience, his new album and Bollywood plans… What was the SulaFest 2015 experience like? It was an amazing experience for me. This was my first time at SulaFest. All the people in the audience knew all my songs and they were singing along which was amazing! Were you expecting the kind of response you got? Absolutely not! I flew in from Kathmandu; it took me 10+ hours to reach Pune and I actually ended up on stage just 30 mins before my set. I had about 6,000 people to listen to me and the energy there among the audience was mind blowing! When will your new album be out? How different will it be from Koocha Monster? New album will be out at around August 2015. Koocha Monster was an EP – this will be a full blown album. In the past year and a half I have done a lot of shows and collaborations and I have grown as an artist. I think with the new album I would want to explore new musical direction while keeping the Nucleya flavour intact. In the past you’ve drawn inspiration from dubstep and Indian street sounds. Any new inspirations – musically or otherwise? Yes, for sure. I want my album to be an experience not just a music album. I want to tell a story with it. So it won't be difficult to find weird dialogs and dramatic Indian string arrangements. Since signing up with OML you’ve performed at quite a few venues and festivals across India. Which city audience / gig would you rate as your best? Pune has always been my most favorite place in India. You’ve collaborated with artists in the past… is Bollywood calling? Bollywood is calling but I will reveal more details soon. You will also see some classic Bollywood icons on the (new) album perhaps. When you’re not making music / performing, what keeps you busy? My family is very dear to me and when I’m not working I prefer to spend time with my wife and son.

Salil Jayakar

Salil Jayakar
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