Interview: Captain Vinod Nair Talks About His Book ‘Pride Of Lions’

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Captain Vinod Nair
Book Cover - Pride of Lions
Book Cover – Pride of Lions

Popularly known as Captain Vinod Nair, Vinod Shankar Nair is a Strategist and Author. His novel ‘Pride Of Lions’ was released recently amid much fan fare and I had a chance to have a chat with the man about the book, his inspiration and his city, Mumbai. Captain Nair, comes from a progressive ‘defence family’ that has been associated with the freedom struggle. He was enlisted in the Indian Army for six eventful years during which he participated actively in live operations and High Risk Missions along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. Having seen combat so closely, he decided to make a sea change and launched his business strategy and consulting firm Kimmaya and now consults with some of the leading brands in the city.

‘Pride Of Lions’, says Captain Nair is a book where he has culled various experiences of his life and weaved them into a fictional tale set in contemporary India. He calls it an ‘inspirational love story that talks about love in it’s purest form’. Here is an excerpt from a phone chat with Captain Nair.

Tell me what is the inspiration behind the book?
The book is inspired by real life. One half is of the realities that every Indian is forced to live with and the other half is my own personal views and experiences. There is only one character in the book and he is from Mumbai; and he is inspired by a few people I’ve come across in real life. I rolled them all into one dynamic, larger than life character 🙂

Captain Vinod Nair
Captain Vinod Nair

One reason why one should read ‘Pride Of The Lions’?
Only one reason? It will redefine the words love and self respect for you.

What does Mumbai mean to you ?
Mumbai is my Mother, she is my home, she is where I belong. I was born and brought up here and I still live here by choice not by compulsion. I am aware of the dirt, poor roads, traffic snarls, road rage, slums and other safety hazards but I still love Mumbai. It has a magnetism that cannot be refused, it has a vibrant energy that simply gets under your skin. I regularly travel all over the globe but Mumbai pulls me back. I love Mumbai, it is an addiction.

One place in Mumbai you love visiting often…
US club in Navy Nagar. My get away, I am there as often as possible.

Three must see places in Mumbai…
1. US club in Navy Nagar
2. Dome at Intercontinental on Marine drive
3. Chor bazaar

Captain Vinod Nair with tulip Joshi
Captain Vinod Nair with Tulip Joshi

Three must do things in Mumbai…
1. Must party at night, our night life is fabulous.
2. Roadside shopping at Linking road, Fort and Crawford Market
3. Must see sunset at the Gateway

If you were not a writer you would perhaps have been____________
Along with writing, I am a full time strategist for several companies. I love what I do, writing and strategising are my passions.

In your spare time you can be found doing____________ at __________ with __________.
In my spare time (which I get very little of) I travel to Europe (Amsterdam in Holland and Tourine in Italy are favourites) with Tulip Joshi. Or if we are here in Mumbai then we party with our closest friends.

All proceeds from the sale of ‘Pride Of The Lions’ are being donated to Command Hospital in Pune for the manufacture of prosthetic limbs for war victims. The book is available at all leading bookstores and on kindle as an ebook.

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