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Sumeet Nagdev Dance Art, Mumbai

In my previous post about dance  we were acquainted with the Classical Dances of India. Beautiful as those forms are they require an appreciation for ancient customs and age old Indian traditions which many find tedious. If ghungroos don’t jingle to the tune of your heart, then maybe you’d prefer point shoes and leotards. Piroutte your way to a ballet, jazz or contemporary dance class.

School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance

Ballet: Ballet has been largely unexplored in India, so it comes as a surprise that since 1966, only a small group of dedicated ballet lovers has been keeping this classical style alive in Mumbai. The School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance was founded by Tushna Dallas who was trained at the London College of Dance. After studying the form for several years, she returned to India to set up this school. She still runs the show, along with her daughter Khushcheher. They conduct classes in Malabar hill, Chowpatty and Bandra west, for both children and adults. It is best to start young, however learning ballet at any age will improve your balance, posture, develops flexibility, strength and grace. It also builds and understanding and appreciation for western classical music.

Sumeet Nagdev Dance Art, Mumbai
Sumeet Nagdev Dance Art, Mumbai

Jazz and Contemporary
Jazz evolved alongside the music genre. Modern jazz, and is an amalgamation of traditional afro-jazz and western ballet. Post World War II, Jazz moved into dance studios, where it became a well established genre of dance that was used in Broadway musicals. Contemporary dance merges elements from ballet, jazz and several other regional forms. It is generally associated with free lyrical movements, extended limbs and story telling. In Mumbai there are quite a few dance companies that offer courses in both Jazz and Contemporary.

Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts Foundation was founded in 2007 and offers dance classes in several locations in the city. Founder Sumeet Nagdev is a modern dance exponent with a passion for dance education. The foundation even offers a one year Dance Arts Diploma. Productions choreographed by Sumeet at performed at several dance festivals in India and abroad.

T.R. Dance Company aims at making “refined dancing a preferred lifestyle in India” and welcomes beginners, amateurs and professionals to “dance healthy”. They conduct classes in Jazz, Ballet, Compteporary and Hiphop. The company is run by Tanushree Dhaundiyal and Rahul D’lima.

Split Sole Dance Company

Split Sole Dance Comany conducts Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet classes in Khar West. This school aims at making you fall in love with dance, so that you can enjoy fitness benefits while being introduced to an art; bringing fun and discipline together, to give you the perfect balance.

Besides these the two bigwigs of the Mumbai dance scene Terence Lewis and Shiamak Davar conduct classes in several locations all over the city. Terence’s motto ‘ABCD’ an acronym for ‘Any body can dance’ and Shiamak’s ‘Have feet, will dance’ encourage people from all walks of life, ages and fitness levels to come explore the art form and the joy it can bring.

Which is your favorite dance form?

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