Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2014: Must-See Theatre Performances At KGAF This Year



In it’s sixteenth year, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has 62 theatre presentations across 6 venues with more than 450 performers. All are open to all and free to attend. Needless to say, it can a tad difficult to decide what to watch. So here is a list of some of the recommended performances this year from 1st – 9th February 2014, curated by Juhi Babbar Soni and Nadira Zahir Babbar.

1) Salaam..1950’s Ke Naam (Hindi)
When: Feb 1, Saturday, 7:30 pm
Where: Horniman Circle

2) HarishChandra Bijo (Gujarati)
When: Feb 1, Saturday, 6pm
Where: NGMA

3) OCD (Hindi / English)
When: Feb1, Saturday, 7pm
Where: Artist’s Centre.

4) Voices (English / Hindi)
When: Feb 2, Saturday, 5pm
Where: Horniman Circle

5) Teen Kanya (English)
When: Feb 2 Sunday, 8pm
Where: Horniman Circle.

6) Postcards from Bardoli (English)
When: Feb 2, Sunday, 8:15pm
Where: House of tales

7) Imaan (Hindi)
When: Feb 2, Sunday 6pm
Where: Artists Centre

8) Dramatised Reading of short stories (Hindi)
When: Feb 2, Sunday, 8:30pm
Where: Artists Centre

9) Rashomon Blues (A) (Hindi)
When: Feb 3, Monday 7:30 pm
Where: Horniman Circle

10) Draupadi (Hindi)
When: Feb 3, Monday 5:30pm
Where: MC Ghia

11) Arazan Khambatta’s Anecdotes (English)
When: Feb 3, Monday, 8:30pm
Where: Artists Centre

12) Hayavadana (Marathi)
When: Feb 4, Tuesday, 6pm
Where: MMD

13) Hum Aur Hamara Shehar (Hindi)
When: Feb 4, Tuesday, 8pm
Where: Artist’s Centre

14) White Lily Aani Night Rider (Marathi)
When: Feb 5, Wednesday, 7:30pm
Where: Horniman Circle

15) Karl Marx in Kalnadevi(Gujarati)
When: Feb 5, Wednesday, 6pm
Where: NGMA

16) Bade Bhaisahab (Hindi)
When: Feb 6, Thursday, 6pm
Where: Artist’s Centre

17) Ek Baaki Ekaaki (Marathi)
When: Feb 6, Thursday, 8pm
Where: Artist’s Centre

18) Chitrangada (English / Kannada)
When: Feb 7, Friday, 7:30
Where: NGMA

19) Hijada (Marathi)
When: Feb 7, Friday, 5pm
Where: Max Mueller Bhavan

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