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Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) is one of the most significant cultural fairs that enrich the commercial capital of India- Mumbai. This vibrant arts festival is held annually at Kala Ghoda area in Southern Mumbai, in the month of February. The festival is being conducted from the first Saturday of the month till the next Sunday since 1999 by the Kala Ghoda association, a non-profit seeking organization. This year, Mumbai will witness the 16th Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, with programs in theatre, visual arts, music, dance, street plays, literature, heritage walks and various workshops for children and adults from 1st February 2014 to 9th February 2014.

The fair attracts not just people from Mumbai, but tourists from all over the world. Get ready to amble through thoroughfares, shop at numerous stalls, witness art installations, munch some yummy street food and catch a musician jam on the streets! Oh! And also to catch a performance of your favorite celebrity too. Here is what’s in store for you at the Kala Ghoda Arts festival 2014. Funds raised from the festival go towards the restoration and upkeep of the area. Several heritage buildings and institutions in the area have benefited from this.

Take a walk through the festival by visiting this link of the Kala Ghoda festival last year

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2014
For the past 1wwwitemnKala Ghoda5 years, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has fostered the spirit of arts and culture in the hustle and bustle of India’s financial hub. Poets, artists, painters, dancers, musicians and craftsmen form a city of art inside the real city. The mime-artists, open-air performances, street food, pavement art and street musicians bring a carnival-like atmosphere to the busy metro. The major sections of interest would be the Visual Arts, The Children Section, Food Art and the Film Section. Catch the likes of William Dalrymple, Gulzar and Farhan Akhtar as they cast their spell on the audience!

Literature at Kala Ghoda- ‘Why don’t you write me?Gulzar
‘Love Literature? This year at The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, come and spend time with novelists and poets, columnists and non-fiction writers, people who are helping shape the world of tomorrow. The events are at David Sasoon Library, Arbour and Tarq. Join in the readings and poetry sessions. Meet the authors you’ve always wanted to meet. There would be panel discussions, workshops and interactive sessions.

Not to be missed:
• Bombay Books at David Sassoon Library on Feb 4th
• From Australia, Meet Ossie, at Kitab Khana on Feb 4th
• Workshop on Mystery Writing by Zac O’Yeah at Arbour on Feb 5th
• Never Too Young To Read- with Gulzar at Kitab Khana on Feb 5th
• Conversation with Cyrus Mistry at David Sassoon Library on Feb 7th
• How to Make a C into a D- by Jerry Pinto at Kitab Khana on Feb 8th
• GR Bhatkal Memorial Lecture- by William Dalrymple at David Sassoon Library on Feb 9th
• Spin a Yarn with Aunty Jeeva- at Kitab Khana on Feb 9th

‘Monumentum’Heritage Walk
A city of thousand shades, Mumbai never ceases to intrigue her passionate wooers. There is a new secret, a new mystery that you can always unravel at corners that you travel daily. Take the Kala Ghoda Heritage Walk and discover more about the city that baffles, overwhelms and inspires so many. Come and explore the idea of the city through its Heritage, standing tall, embracing the change and welcoming the future. The thematic for the 2014 festival is ‘CHANGESCAPE’. The walks include Heritage Bus Tours, Bombay High Court Tours, CST to Crawford Market Tours, Jewish History Walk, Church Tours, Irani Café Tours, Art Deco Building Tours, Port and Harbor Tours, Parsi Heritage Tours. Rush, if you don’t want to return home disappointed since the tickets are given on the basis of first come first serve.

Visual Arts at Kala Ghoda- ‘Moving Images’
An Image visual artcan beat a thousand words. Visual Arts have the potential to create in us powerful feelings and impressions like no other media. This year, the theme is ‘Moving Images’. Rampart Row, Parking Lot, CSMVS Gardens, David Sasoon Library, Art Entrance and Artist’s Centre would witness exhibitions by diverse artists of interactive installations and photography exhibits.

Street at Kala Ghoda- ‘The Road Show”
BahrupiaEvery year, in February, the streets of Kala Ghoda becomes vibrant and alive with different folks andc different strokes. Craftsmen, artisans and NGOs under Concern India Foundation sell their wares in stalls spread over the streets. You can enjoy street food from stalls put up by nearby restaurants. The street will have a new olour everyday with vibrant performances by folk dancers, musicians and street plays from all over the country. There would be performances of traditional instruments, puppeteers and folk dancers. Be there at Rampart Row, to enjoy the Road Show at Kala ghoda!
Not to be missed
• Bahrupia by WZCC at Rampart Row on Feb 1st
• Dharavi Diary at Amphitheatre on Feb 2nd
• Kachhi Ghodi from WZCC at Rampart Row on Feb 2nd
• Murray Molloy at Amphitheatre on Feb 4th
• St Xavier College’s Jagrook Party- at Amphitheatre on Feb 5th
• Gondhal at Rampart Row on Feb 6th
• Vedic Chants at Amphitheatre on Feb 6th
• Merasi Singers at Amphitheatre on Feb 7th

Children at Kala Ghoda- ‘Mini Momentum’wekids
At Kala Ghoda, no Lilliput goes away disappointed. The child’s section at Kala Ghoda is a space where kids can learn, laugh, play and dance. There would be workshops and shows that are specially designed to interest curious and cheerful minds. There would be no registrations, and the entry is on first come- first serve basis. The theme is ‘Mini Momentum’. Visit Chhatrapati Shivaji Maha Vastu Sangrahalaya gardens and Kitab Khana for the various kids workshops.

Not to be missed
• Science Utsav at Museum Gardens on Feb 1st
• Wekids Radio at Museum Gardens on Feb 1st
• Wildlife Photography with Bittu Sahgal at Kitab Khana on Feb 2nd
• Phiss Phuss Boom by Jerry Pinto at Kitab Khana on Feb 2nd
• Chocolate Inventions at Kitab Khana on Feb 3rd
• iRoboKids at Museum Gardens on Feb 4th
• I like to Move it, Move it at Museum Gardens on Feb 4th
• Book Launch- A Pair of Twins at Kitab Khana on Feb 5th
• Dashavatara- A Musical Story Telling at Museum Gardens on Feb 6th
• Destination Mars- by ISRO Scientists at Kitab Khana on Feb 6th
• Zumba for kids – by Sucheta Pal at Museum Gardens on Feb 9th

‘Food Train’
Visit the Food Sfoodection and Kala Ghoda and be ready to blown off your feet by the culinary smorgasbord of food, a food train that calls in at different stations and allows their chefs to teach you how they make their signature dishes. Learn to create restaurant quality food with ease and comfort. This year’s focus is on the increasing presence of the home-cook, the do it yourself caterer, and the growing popularity of these self-motivated individuals. The highlight of this section would be the workshops conducted by some of Mumbai’s Master Chefs. The events would take place at Westside and Gateway Rooms.

Not to be missed – UPDATE: Read our detailed post on food workshops at KGAF 2014 here.
• Take away Chef- Take me to Mexico- by Head Chef Maya Dastoor at Westside on Feb 2nd
• Tea Tasting with Radhika at Westside on Feb 5th
• Moshe’s with celebrity chef Moshe Shek at Westside on Feb 6th
• Fun Flavourful French- making home made macaroon icecream at Westside on Feb 7th
• Salt Water Tails by Chef Gresham Fernandes at Westside on Feb 9th

Theatre at Kala Ghoda- ‘Rang Baraat’ – UPDATE: Read our detailed post on the must see theatre performances at KGAF 2014 here.
Watch Tragedy and Comedy that fires your imagination at ‘Rang Baraat’. Plays across many genres anreplayd languages by veteran would be staged at Horniman Circle Garden, Max Mueller Bhavan and Artist’s Centre.

Not to be missed
• OCD by Theatrewaalas at Artist’s Centre on Feb 1st
• Yeh hai Bombay Meri Jaan by Performers at MC Ghia on Feb 2nd
• Schitzengiggles IMPROV Crew by Home Grown Comedy at MC Ghia on Feb 3rd
• The Lovers by Preksha Theatre Group at NGMA on Feb 5th
• Hijada by Akanksha BalrangBhoomi at House of Tales on Feb 7th

Cinema at Kala Ghoda- ‘Flash Forward’
Captain PhillipExperience Cinema that provokes you, tickles you, makes you laugh and make you cry! This time at Kala Ghoda, watch movies across all genres and timelines. The program would be featured in Coomaraswamy Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan, BNHS, Gallery Beyond!

Not to be missed
• Andaz Apna Apna at Coomaraswamy Hall on Feb 1st
• Smurfs at BNHS on Feb 2nd
• D-Day at Coomaraswamy Hall on Feb 2nd
• Captain Phillips at Coomaraswamy Hall on Feb 3rd
• Mela at Gallery Beyond on Feb 3rd
• R..Rajkumar at Coomaraswamy Hall on Feb 5th
• In Search of Guru Dutt at Max Mueller Bhavan on Feb 6th
• Hotel Transylvania at BNHS on Feb 9th

Dance at Kala Ghoda- ‘Gati’Terence Lewis
Delight yourself in the visual extravaganza of classical and contemporary dance forms by India’s most celebrated dance groups. Over 35 dance groups would be interpreting the theme, ‘Gati’ at Cross Maidan.

Not to be missed
• Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company at Cross Maidan on Feb 1st
• Capoeira at Cross Maidan on Feb 4th
• Kathak by Padmashree Shovana Narayan at Cross Maidan on Feb 4th
• Sampradayam by Mallika Sarabhai at Cross Maidan on Feb 9th

Workshops at KalaGhoda- ‘Acceleration’
Many workshops on Arts, Lifestyle, Photography, Cinema, Theatre, Music and Food would be conducted at Kala Ghoda. Masters from each field would be presiding these workshops at Artisans, Artist’s Centre and Gallery ICIA.

Music at Kala Ghoda- ‘Crescendo’
Farhan AkhtarThis year, catch the sounds at Kala Ghoda intensifying and increasing with new styles and genres in ‘Crescendo’. Performance would be across Cross Maidan and Asiatic Library Steps.

Not to be missed:
• Music Launch of the movie ‘Queen’ by Amit Trivedi at Cross Maidan on Feb 2nd
• Sanjay Maroo at Cross Maidan on Feb 7
• Farhan Akhtar at Asiatic Library Steps on Feb 9th

Architecture and Urban Extension at Kala Ghoda- ‘Move Mumbai’
The architects of Mumbai would be getting the much needed exposure this year at Kala Ghoda, with the new segment ‘Move Mumbai’. <span sMove Mumbaityle=”color: #20124d”>Urban design is about making connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric. It draws together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity and economic viability into the creation of places with distinct beauty and identity. Main focus would be on planning and transportation policy, architectural design, development economics, engineering and landscape. A vision for an area is created and the resources and skills needed to bring it to life is deployed.

Venues of Interest
• Horniman Circle Garden – for TheatreDavid Sassoon Library
• David Sassoon Library – for Literature
• Tarq – for Literature
• Kitab Khana – for Children’s Literature
• Arbour – for Literature
• Garden of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahlaya, (formerly Prince Of Wales Museum) – for Children’s Workshops
• The Asiatic Library Steps – for Music Concerts
• Coomaraswamy Hall(CSMVS) -for cinema
• National Gallery of Modern Art – for theatre and children’s workshops
• Max Mueller Bhavan- for Theatre
• Max Mueller Bhavan- for Cinema
• BNHS- for cinema
• Gallery Beyond- for cinema
• Art Entrance, Artists Centre, Hacienda, Gallery ICIA, Coomaraswamy Hall, Rampart Galleries, Traffic Island, CSMVS Garden, Dehli Art Gallery, Gallery 7 – for Visual Arts
• Westside – for Food workshops
• Artists’ Centre, Artisans and Gallery ICIAA- for workshops
• Cross Maidan- for Dance and Music
• Visitor’s Centre (CSMVS), Rampart Row Galleries – Urban Design & Architecture

All details regarding the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival can be found on their website and Facebook page.

Come February, and Mumbai is going to be throbbing with the rich culture of art! So Mumbaikars, Are you ready to live art, breath art and walk art?

Featured Image: Uday Tadphale

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Parvathi Ramanandan

Parvathi Ramanandan
An obsessive compulsive click-o-maniac and passionate reader, writing is something that I always wanted to do. Loves the sound of rain on earth and strongly believes that while love drives the world; beauty and only beauty is the reason that the world is!