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Who said singing was only for professionals who could flaunt their talent on a stage in front of a crowd? Karaoke, a growing phenomenon has twisted its definition. Read on to find out how.

Singing is a common ground for most of us, be it a bathroom singer, professional singer or someone who just hums to music. In Mumbai, this has taken a new form with Karaoke. Hosted in almost all pubs and restaurants across Mumbai, Karaoke is a growing trend that has grown in popularity over the past few months and gives a platform for all these singers to join in. It’s a battle on equal grounds, played by people who just come to enjoy.

Karaoke Night at Three Wise Men

Step Out Of The Bathroom
Brian D’costa, Karaoke host at Road House Bluez, Andheri (west) says, “Everyone loves to sing, irrespective of how good or bad they are. Karaoke is an experience and gives everyone the confidence to sing since it’s not at a competitive level. People come here to drink and chill out. Once they are in the groove they just keep singing. Lastly, what matters is singing, how you sing doesn’t really matter.” Brian has a fair share of hosting shows and started hosting karaoke sessions in 2002 at Not Just Jazz By the Bay which is now known as Pizza By the Bay. He adds, “This was the first ever karaoke session that was hosted in Mumbai. It held karaoke on Sundays and is the first place that actually carried off the karaoke trend. Here we had even coined a term ‘Karaoke Jockey’ for karaoke hosts.”

Bust That Stress
Now-a-days, Karaoke sessions are mostly held on weekdays, giving many people a break to unwind from their hectic days at work. Three Wise Men (TWM) in Santacruz hosts their karaoke sessions on a Monday and is the best motivation to drive away one’s Monday blues. Alex Fernandes, the karaoke host at TWM says, “People want to have fun and singing is one of the ways they can express themselves without any worry. Karaoke suits everyone who wants a break from work and on Mondays, our karaoke nights receive a tremendous response from people of all ages. It’s the best way to unwind.”

Philip Zuzarte and Princeton at Three Wise Men

To Each His Own
Philip Zuzarte, an ardent Karaoke singer who shows his loyalty to TWM every Monday says, “I love singing and I go for karaoke to blow some steam and to keep in touch with my musical side which I don’t get to do in my regular job. Karaoke nights are also the best time to make a lot of new friends.” In accord with Philip, Natasha Vakil, another regular at karaoke nights in the city says, “I went for a karaoke night to WTF in Versova out of the sheer aim to flaunt my new pair of shoes. But that was not it, I enjoyed karaoke so much that I continued going for it soon after work. I now go regularly to TWM where I have made many friends. We all have our different choices of songs, Ice Ice Baby being my favourite. It’s become more like a community singing together where we meet every Monday and have an awesome time.”

Karaoke Is Here To Stay
Call it a growing trend or a source of fun and excitement, Karaoke nights are spreading all across the city and also in a good way identifying a lot of hidden talent within our city. In the past few months, it has entered many pubs and is in demand as people love going for karaoke nights. Mario Andrade, owner of a karaoke company called Mario Andrade Presents (MAP) and a popular Karaoke host who has hosted karaoke nights in around 75 venues in the city gives his views about this trend. He says, “I have seen Karaoke grow over a past few years as many people are welcoming this concept. Karaoke reaches out to a lot of people via music. It had started a long time back in Mumbai in a few restaurants like Not Just Jazz by the Bay and Soul fry and was done for the sheer love for music. It is an attraction in itself and is definitely growing with demand as a lot of talent is now coming to the surface. We have a great deal of good singers in our city.” Mario currently host karaoke nights at Three Wise Monkeys in Khar, Drunken Monkeys in Andheri, Rude Lounge in Juhu and Bandra and Manchester Café in Palladium and Malad.

Karaoke is a trend that will stay alive as long as we music stays a part of our lives. So why wait, grab a mike, throw away your consciousness and sing to the beat!

Guide to Karaoke Nights in Mumbai:

Monday: Three Wise Men, Santacruz and Irish House, Lower Parel
Tuesday: Out of the Blue, Powai and WTF, Versova
Wednesday: Three Wise Monkeys, Khar, Manchester United Cafe, Malad
Thursday: Road House Bluez, Andheri
Friday: Destiny, Tunga Paradise Hotel, Andheri
Saturday: Soul Fry Casa, Fort
Sunday: Road House Bluez, Andheri

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Always curious, writing was something she discovered accidentally which she now enjoys. Loves reading fiction, dislikes staying idle and enjoys spontaneous trips or treks over weekends.



Always curious, writing was something she discovered accidentally which she now enjoys. Loves reading fiction, dislikes staying idle and enjoys spontaneous trips or treks over weekends.
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