Tech Street: ‘Khali Seat’ Mobile App To Ease Commuting Woes In Mumbai

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Khali Seat Rickshaw
Khali Seat Rickshaw
Khali Seat Rickshaw

Every Mumbaikar has experienced at least one moment of rage (if not more) when he/she wanted to tear their hair off during the daily commute. As incredible as this city is, it comes with it’s own problems; slow-moving traffic, nagging rickshaw wala, unreasonable petrol hikes, long lines at the bus stand and sweaty passengers in the train. With offices scattered all over, commuting has become a chore, whether you choose public transport or the luxury of a car.

But, don’t be disheartened Mumbai, because Khali Seat has arrived! A simple vehicle pooling solution that helps you counter issues like  pollution, traffic and sky rocketing transportation costs in the city.

Traffucked? Share a Khali Seat!
Dhruv Shah
, a web developer and strategist and Shilpa Mohta, a marketing executive, initiated this interesting project as a solution to their own traffic problems. Khali Seat promotes smart and economic travel by taking the basic concept of carpool a notch higher. It doesn’t just limit itself to cars, but also allows access to any mode of transport you can put your hands on. Bikes, Cars, Radio Taxis… you choose and the website will let you pool it. 

Shah says that this idea dawned on him during one of his commutes from Bandra to Kandivali when he noticed another single driver next to him and thought, “If I am traveling alone and so is he, why can’t we endure the massive traffic jam together?” He thought of it as a great way to save money since traffic would often make him think, “there goes my 300 Rupees of fuel down the drain”. That’s when he decided to create a travel-oriented social network that would serve as a marketplace for commuters who would like to share rides.

Dhruv Shah and Shweta Mohta at Kala Ghoda Festival
Dhruv Shah and Shweta Mohta at Kala Ghoda Festival

How does Khali Seat work?
Launched less than a month ago, Khali Seat has already had 250 registered users and 750 rides have been created. To make it accessible for any Mumbaikar, he made Khali Seat easy to use by creating a simple three-step process.

Step 1: Find a ride or start a new ride by posting details such as date, start time, route, number of khali seats and mode of transport.

Step 2: Join an existing ride or accept the request from whom you would like to share your ride. Since it is well integrated with Facebook, users can screen their co-passengers themselves.

Step 3: Discuss details like pick-up points, time, cost of travel etc. Voila! It’s easy.

Cycle in Mumbai - Pollution free travel
Cycle in Mumbai – Pollution free travel

Save money and do your bit for the environment!
Khali Seat is an ideal way to save fuel, money, and reduce pollution one vehicle at a time. With their mobile apps being launched in a month or two, Shah wishes to spread this initiative to Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad etc. For people who take long rides, like from Nariman Point to Thane, this would be more economical than even using public transport.

Shah believes that Khali Seat doesn’t only limit itself to absolute strangers, but also can be a great way to connect with people from the same office or corporate complex. He created Khali Seat to act as a forum and has left its use entirely on the user. The user can decide details like commute, cost, route and waiting time and while Khali Seat provides easy and efficient filtering options for users, he strongly advises them to screen their co-commuters smartly.

So Mumbai, what are you waiting for? Help reduce traffic congestion, encourage a pollution free journey and enjoy a pocket-friendly commute. And best of all, use Khali Seat as a fun way to meet new people from different walks of life. Used the service already? Share your review with us at

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Karishma Shah

Karishma Shah
Compulsive list maker, coffee addict, and serial globetrotter. When she is not planning her next travel shindig, you'll find her rummaging through old cookbooks, preparing for a new kitchen adventure.
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    Ridesharing concept require change. Change means the way we commute…
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    All carpool websites are data entry website. They take data from user and just display in wesbite… what next ??

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