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Indian publishing is on a surge. Indian writers have so many stories to tell. Book lovers want to read all those and our favorite foreign authors too. But where is the money for it all and the space to hoard books in space crunched Mumbai?

Like we had discussed in The Local Library Is Now National, now more than ever before, book lovers in the city are craving for our old loving economical library. Thankfully the wish is fulfilled through some excellent websites. A solution for the Google generation – the online secondhand book libraries.

We bring to you two such initiatives that should get the book lover in you to log in right away:

Librarywala ™ is India’s first largest online book rental service with unique features that makes it the right choice for a reader, with access to over 25,000 books, providing free delivery and pick-up anywhere in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune & Mysore. Books in English as well as regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil etc are available too.

The membership is easy – pay Rs. 499/- as registration fee and Rs. 499/- as refundable deposit and you are all set to borrow books. After registration you can pick your plan which range from Rs. 80/- to Rs. 380/- per month, they claim that the average cost per book read gets to as low as Rs 24.91/-.

Not just personal accounts they are also open to corporate accounts too. So entrepreneurs among us can always get our teams to read too. Plus they have omitted out the late fees, so you can keep the books as long as your account is active. That makes it better than our local community library uncle.
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Page By Page

Page by Page is new age community library which gives users an option to rent the books they want to read and return whenever they want in any city of the country. They make book borrowing very easy with their no deposit, free home delivery and pick up scheme. They claim that you get to read a book at as low as 1/6th price of the book. They also provide an opportunity to buy the books you want to at a discounted rate, sell your used books directly to them for your reading fee or exchange books with the books you like from their store.

A membership fee of Rs.99 and you are good to go. No monthly or yearly commitments; all you have to do is deposit the cost of the book when you rent one and on returning it, after deducting the pre decided reading fee, the deposit is returned back and you again rent out a book. Very much like the comics libraries that mushroomed during our school time summer holidays in the 90’s.
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Do you have a personal favorite book borrowing haven? Tell us about it.

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Story seeker - anytime, anyplace; after all stories are not always necessarily found in books. Chain reader, writer, blogger, books reviewer.


Reshmy Pillai

Reshmy Pillai
Story seeker - anytime, anyplace; after all stories are not always necessarily found in books. Chain reader, writer, blogger, books reviewer.