Restaurant Review: Mexiloko, Passable Tex-Mex Fare That Is VFM


With a bright and cheery frontage, a naughty red chili as the leitmotif and located at the top quieter end of the bustling Colaba Causeway, the first ever outlet of the indigenous brand—Mexiloko (soon-to-be) chain of Tex-Mex fast food eateries makes a confidant debut. Primarily purported to be a take away joint, the outlet does have enough space for 12 diners to sit down comfortably for a meal that is delivered to your table sooner than you can say “nacho”. Mexiloko foodA supremely hot afternoon saw me trooping into this 15 day old place, hungry for whatever it had to offer me. And offer me it sure did. Now, while I wasn’t expecting an authentic Mexican meal, what I was expecting was a quick fix and that Mexiloko did with a flourish. Barely had I sat down after placing my elaborate order, did my first treat materialise on the table. A modest sized basket of Grand Chicken Con Carne Nachos slathered in oodles of unctuous melted cheese jostled for space with four tiny plastic cups of the house salsas like the deep flavoured Smokey Tomato Salsa, the Salsa Verde, the Zingy Garlic Salsa and the decidedly Indianised Firecracker Salsa whose cumin-laced taste didn’t impress me. Sadly, the four under-filled Lamb Con Carne empanadas didn’t make the muster with their deep fried oily texture and measly under seasoned lamb filling whose meat-y taste was completely absent. The nachos on the other hand, were an explosion of flavourful chicken meeting the crispness of the nachos, aided superbly by the cheese, sour cream and guacamole that were the perfect foil to the piquant quartet of salsas. DSC_0904Perfectly ho-hum were the two types of quesadillas that I tried. The strictly OK-ish Lamb Con Carne (with the same filling as the aforementioned empanadas) Quesadilla and the very bland and boring Cheese and Basil Quesadilla did very little to make me smile. Wishing that they had the usual soft tacos (they said that they used to do them in the first few days of the launch), I reluctantly made do with a hard shell BBQ Mushroom Taco that I felt was a tad too oriental tasting with hints of star anise and five spice powder. But my flagging spirits began to get uplifted with each sip of the simple, yet bursting with freshness Slushy Virgin Margarita imbued with just the right amount of lime and mint leaves. Another lime burst was evident in the divine Lime and Coriander Fish Burrito that was constructed with just the right amount of rice, basa fish and salsas, all combining to make a dynamite of a burrito and all for just Rs 170. Yes, the prices here are unbelievably reasonable with the costliest item (the Lamb Con Carne Burrito) priced at Rs 180 and the cheapest (Slushy Virgin Margarita) a steal at Rs 40 per modest sized glass. My prediction is that with a little more innovation, variety (Hello! Where are the desserts?) and a few tweaks here and there, Mexiloko could well be on its way to giving the city’s other Tex-Mex joints a run for their pesos! WHERE? Bela Court Shop No 1, Bela Co-op Housing Society Ltd., 81A, Colaba Causeway Road, Colaba. Call, 022 22023100 HOW MUCH? Rs 450 for two (no alcohol served here). WHEN? 11am to 11pm WHAT'S HOT? I know that this is a QSR ( Quick Service Restaurant), but the service here is really quick and cheerful. WHAT'S NOT? The absolute lack of imagination in the desserts section with just Churros (which itself is Spanish in origin and not Tex-Mex!) on offer... which, by-the-way, wasn’t even available when I visited the outlet. SHOULD YOU GO THERE? Sure...why not? This review was done on the invitation of Mexiloko Pics courtesy: Mexiloko and Raul Dias

Raul Dias

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