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Stuck in traffic? Being overcharged by an auto driver? Can’t find a good restaurant around you? Every Mumbaikar is faced with one or more of these daily woes. But thanks to the efforts of some enterprising people, we now have a solution to these problems on the tip of our fingers. Quite literally! A bunch of smartphone-friendly, Mumbai based apps have come to the rescue of our regular commuting queries and many other issues.

MumbaiMag takes a look at some of these easy to use apps that guide you through the city.

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MeterDown Pro: This is one smart app that makes life easy in Mumbai. An advanced version of the MeterDown Mumbai Auto and MeterDown Mumbai Taxi apps (which give you meter readings and fare and are available on Android and iOS), MeterDown Pro has a vast number of features. From an intelligent calculator that shows you fares for auto, taxis and cool cabs to a distance meter that helps you calculate the kilometers traveled between two destinations, MeterDown Pro ensures that no one can fleece you while traveling.

Developed by CodeConclave, this app also gives you live traffic updates which will help you decide on the best roads to take to quickly reach your destination. It not just simplifies your travel troubles but also helps you explore places around your current location in just a few seconds. And with an exhaustive Mumbai directory comprising over 500 numbers in 8 categories, MeterDown covers essential contacts ranging from restaurants, florists, chemists and more. MeterDown Pro is available on iOS and is free to download for a limited period of time.

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m-Indicator: Developed by Mobond, the m-indicator app helps you smoothly tap your way through Mumbai. It helps you glance through the Mumbai local train timetable, get train routes and ticket fares. You can also check B.E.S.T bus routes including bus numbers and the bus stops enroute. Auto and taxi fares are another feature of this app.

One of the interesting aspects of this app is the jobs section which gives you information on government and private jobs in Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra too. It also helps you keep a tab on movie shows, PNR status and even Sodexo outlets in the city. And lastly, m-Indicator helps you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city with an extensive list of various getaways and resorts in and around Mumbai. The app is available on Java, Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS.

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MyCityWay – Mumbai Way: Founded by Puneet Mehta and Sonpreet Bhatia who are settled in USA, MyCityWay is an award winning urban navigation app that is known for its city specific apps, the most popular one being NYC Way. Their offering for Mumbai, MyCityWay – Mumbai Way, is an exciting app that gives you a lowdown on hotels, restaurants, cafes, nightlife, city events, movies, shopping etc. around you. Whether you are a Mumbaikar or a visitor, this app guides you through the fun side of Mumbai. It also has important features like weather updates, tourism, airport and transit information, best deals and much more. MyCityWay – Mumbai Way is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry.

SmartShehar Safety Shield App. Image by

SmartShehar: SmartShehar is a free mobile application series developed by Chetan Temkar which makes navigation within the city convenient.  They have a series of apps which include the SmartShehar Mumbai Train app, SmartShehar Mumbai Bus app and the SmartShehar Mumbai Auto Taxi app. These apps help you figure train details, platform numbers for the relevant train, even the correct side to alight on, bus routes, auto/taxi fare.

The latest in their offerings is the SmartShehar Safety Shield app which can help you in case of an emergency. It was mainly launched keeping the safety of women in mind. The Safety Shield app allows you to take a picture of you location and save it via an emergency button. The picture with the details of your location is automatically emailed to your saved emergency contacts. The app also helps you find the closest police station and hospital. While the train, bus and auto/taxi app are available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry users, the Safety Shield app is currently available only on Android. Image by Facebook Page

Happy Hours India and Here are two apps that are designed to guarantee you a good time in the city. While Happy Hours, created by FNB City Media Pvt. Ltd, provides information on the best happy hour deals and buffets across the city, focuses essentially on happy hours at a host of places ranging from hole-in-the-wall bars to 5-star lounges and more. Bootlegger also has special offers on some of the finest wines in association with Happy Hours is available on Android and iOS and is currently available on Android. So if you feel like enjoying a drink, make sure to check out the best offers in the city with these useful apps.

The next time you find yourself stuck in the city, just download one of these apps and tap your query away!

Any interesting apps that we may have missed out? Write in to us at or comment below.

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Writing is a passion I discovered a little late. But better late than never. When not penning my thoughts, you'll find me sniffing around for good food - trying out every new restaurant in town is a hobby. I swear by Hindi films and when doing nothing of the above you'll find me troubling my pet pooch.


Esha Verma

Esha Verma
Writing is a passion I discovered a little late. But better late than never. When not penning my thoughts, you'll find me sniffing around for good food - trying out every new restaurant in town is a hobby. I swear by Hindi films and when doing nothing of the above you'll find me troubling my pet pooch.
  • ramnivas kushvaha

    I have created a new android app which is useful for information regarding mumbai best service.

    It contains following features

    1.Find bus route by bus number

    2.Get all buses that halt on any bus stop location

    3. Search bus between source and destination

    4. Break journey and show two buses if no single bus goes from source to destination.

    5. List AC and Normal bus for any bus stop

    6. Display distance and Fare between two stop. (Fare updated as per 1 April 2013)

    All this information is available offline and no internet connection is needed.

  • Vivek

    Hey Esha,

    Thanks for the collection.

    We are running a campaign in Mumbai against denials of auto’s and taxi’s and also have an exclusive app for it. It can be downloaded from

    We are introducing a feature to directly report refusals from the app so that it would come in handy to show the auto guy if he refuses.