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You can take a girl out of Mumbai but you can’t take Mumbai out of her. My friend and ex-colleague Ekta Sharma Bhatnagar is a living example. She moved out of Mumbai a few months ago and has ever since only been reminiscing of her days here. As the year comes to an end and she sort-of settles down in Chennai, she shares the few things she remembers most about Mumbai. Over to her. ~ Garima Sharma

If you, like me, have spent a few years in Mumbai, you gotta thank your stars! Being in Mumbai is like adapting to an art of living which only Amchi Mumbai can teach you.Really. Read on to know the seven things Mumbai has taught me:

Mumbai Local – A lot can happen in a minute!
Thank Mumbai local trains for teaching us the value of a single minute. So, the many times you missed a train by a minute (or even 10 seconds), you cursed yourself for taking life too easy… for spending those extra five minutes in bed, for spending that extra minute and a hundred thoughts deciding on footwear, for spending that extra minute for taking along your essentials before you step out and eventually missing the most-convenient and apt Mumbai local that could make or break your day.
Lesson learnt: A lot can happen in a minute! Be efficient, be punctual, it takes a lot to be a pro.

We the People of Mumbai – Have heart, will help!
‘Mumbai’ is the sport, the religion, the spirit and the attitude we follow. Seeing a swarm of people sharing the same railway platform, same autorickshaw, and sometimes even the same umbrella has taught us a lesson or two in humanity.
Lesson learnt: In Mumbai it is easy ‘being human’!

Mumbai’s way of life – Wear your attitude
There’s no place like Mumbai when it comes to discipline, professionalism and work ethics. So while even the guests at a wedding will automatically fall in a queue to greet the new couple, and the traffic police will be insistent even in heavy downpour, it speaks a lot about the civilization. Isn’t it?
Lesson learnt: Your attitude determines your altitude!

Mumbai Rains – Come what may…
We love it, we hate it, but it is never a reason for a thorough Mumbai professional to hide behind the excuse of grey clouds and thundering. So come what may, Mumbai will be out on roads with the most fashionable monsoon gear and fighting all odds to make the day fruitful. Even continuous rains can’t dampen the spirit of a true Mumbaikar. The best part is that this attitude is contagious!
Lesson learnt: Work is a ritual, a calling!

Mumbai festivals – Celebrate life!
Mumbai is perhaps the most secular city of India where people are a part of all festive celebrations from Ganesh Chaturthi to Janmashtami, and from Navratri to Diwali to Christmas and New Year. Not to forget, Mumbaites will find a reason to even celebrate a Friday, Dry Day, Rainy Day or any other day that takes ordinary out of a tiring day.
Lesson learnt: When in Mumbai, do like Mumbaites – work hard, party harder!

Mumbai façade – Be beautiful inside!
This is one place where the stunning and the awful stay together. What if half of Mumbai is covered with slums and it is infamous for the not so worthy links? We still have the most stunning sights and a go-get-it spirit to boast of. And if you have it in you, you are sure to go places.
Lesson learnt: Attitude is more important than looks!

Mumbai traffic – the leveler
Mumbai traffic is as unpredictable, unrelenting and merciless as a moody girlfriend. So everyone from a fiat cab to a BMW or Audi has to wait for the green signal to accelerate. It reminds us that a fancy set of wheels is no license to feel god-gifted.
Lesson learnt: A lesson learnt in equality and patience?

What has Mumbai taught you?

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  • Asha Bhardwaj

    Thanks Ekta Sharma bhatnager, I love my Mumbai too

  • nash711

    The last point suggests that in places (the reader doesn’t know of) some who are wealthier, who show it off with their fancy set of wheels, are ” more equal” and are privileged to not wait at a red signal since their wealth puts them over and above the law. Mumbai, fortunately, is one of those places, where, whoever owns whatever kind of vehicle, abides by traffic rules.

    That point makes no sense at all to me and comes across as sloppy writing. Sorry.

  • Ekta Sharma Bhatnagar

    Thank you… There’s no place like #Mumbai

  • Esha

    I really think the editors of this website need to sit down and read the content they are posting online thoroughly. Every post/article is filled with grammatical errors and examples of sloppy editing. Sentences have not been completed, articles are missing in sentence structures. I haven’t seen any spelling mistakes so far. That’s a blessing. As a practicing journalist and writer myself, I’m terribly disheartened to see such work. I visited this website with the hope that I would get to read some thought-provoking writing. Unfortunately, I’ve been disappointed with the ten stories I’ve read so far. I don’t wish to read anymore.