Mumbai Marathon: First Timer Runner Ram Ramdas Says Find The Purpose And Believe In Yourself


I spoke to Mumbaikar Ram Ramdas, who is going to be 50 years old in July, and he will be running the Mumbai Marathon for the first time this year for a special cause. I asked him what makes him tick. For those who need the final dose of inspiration before the run this Sunday, here's some. Read on... Tell us a little about yourself... I'm a software entrepreneur, founded and running a SW products co called Herald Logic, incubated in IIT Bombay. Is this your first time running a marathon? What distance are you running this year at the Mumbai Marathon? Yes it is and I am running the half marathon; considered full, but decided not to be too adventurous 🙂 ram-ramdas What is your reason to run? I am turning 50 this year (July 2014). I used to run long distances (amaterur. not professional) till I was about 25-26 years old. Haven't been running for the last 24-25 years and decided I must start again and run the marathon before I turn 50! I have always been fascinated by long distance runners and Lasse Viren was one of my childhood heroes. And I needed a cause that would inspire me sufficiently. That cause is girl child education and I think Nanhi Kali is doing a good job in that direction. The Mumbai Marathon is a wonderful event and defines Mumbai in a sense. I think more and more Mumbaikars are getting energized by the Mumbai Marathon. And UnitedWay has made it very easy to support the right cause, a cause one is passionate about! You can see more about the cause and why I am running and also support us here. Have you been able to inspire your friends and family to join in? Not for running yet but a lot of them are supporting and donating for the cause. How have you trained for the marathon? I have trained, but not sufficiently. I am relying on my grit and will power! 😉 Any challenges you faced while training? Yes, bad roads and knee pains! Complete the sentence - Running has taught me...that the meaning of life is in the journey and not the destination. Your words could inspire other Mumbaikars to run, what would you like to say to them? FIND PURPOSE. Means will follow - Believe YOU CAN!
Are you running the Mumbai Marathon too? Go share your reason to run here and inspire others.
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