Mumbai Marathon: Being Bedridden For Three Years Did Not Stop Shabnam From Running



We have been tweeting for a couple of days now with inspiration for everyone who is running the Mumbai Marathon this year. We have also been asking Mumbai to share stories of runners and their Reason To Run with us. And it was as a reply to one such tweet that Taru Bhargava mentioned she would like to nominate her friend and we said, of course. Here is what Taru wrote to me…

This is with regards to my tweet yesterday about nominating someone to feature on MumbaiMag and her reason to run Mumbai Marathon. This is the story of my friend Shabnam Gupta, who deserves to be featured.

Her reason to run is quite simple, to motivate herself and inspire others around her.
Shabnam Gupta
Shabnam Gupta

She is a woman who has defied all odds. Right from marrying a Hindu with much opposition from her family, she lives life on her own terms.

Shabnam met with a tragic accident on Goa highway in 2008, and lost her best friend. She survived with thirty two fractures and a broken jaw and was bedridden for almost three years. Her leg was damaged and was fitted with a titanium plate.

Repeated surgeries and the constant pain did not deter her through this ordeal. However her constant faith in God and good wishes of her friends and family made it possible for her to stand back on her feet. Her doctor’s had hinted that she would never be able to walk normally, however due to her undying spirit and self confidence Shabnam today runs almost all the Mumbai Marathon and also supports Pinkathon.

She has participated in the following Marathons:
2011 – Dream run 7km
2012 – Half Marathon 21.97 kms
2013  – Half marathon – 21.97kms
And plans to run the half marathon – 21.97kms, happening on 19th January 2014.

Her role model is Milind Soman, who according to her motivated her to run and recover. She supports the LGBT community and spends her weekends in company of her husband Sachin and two turtle’s Chulbul and Redbull. She says her reason to run is quite simple to motivate herself and to others around her. She can be contacted on Twitter.

Share this story with everyone who you think needs a little inspiration, that slight nudge, that first push in the right direction. If you are running the Mumbai Marathon this year, tell us your Reason To Run here and inspire Mumbai. You can also email us at Know friends who are running, share their stories too and they could get featured on

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Garima Sharma

Garima Sharma
Founding Editor at MumbaiMag, graffiti and street art lover, traveller, blogger and amateur photographer, slave to Thor, my Lab.