#MumbaiList: The Amazing Bazaars Of Mumbai – Part 1


Antique Locks at Colba Causeway Image: Garima Sharma
Antiques at Colaba Causeway Image: Garima Sharma
Antiques at Colaba Causeway Image: Garima Sharma

Are you a shopaholic in Mumbai craving paisa vasool deals but don’t know where to go? Join us on our journey to the best of bazaars in amchi Mumbai..

Bazaar: Colaba Causeway
A tourist hotspot, Colaba Causeway is a South Mumbai bazaar where you can stroll for miles along footpaths that display ethnic goods – kurtas, kaftans, shawls, jute purses and bags, jewellery & semi precious stones, carpets, paintings, ivory & wood work, antique pieces like hookahs, gramophones and coloured glass lanterns. Given the quality and durability of these wares, the prices they are sold at are to die for. You could find unique pieces at relatively low prices thus rightly making this bazaar the Culture Square of Mumbai.
Location: Close to Fort area and east of Cuffe Parade (South Mumbai)

Bazaar: Natraj Market
Your typical family shopping adda, Natraj Market offers a wide range of Indian apparel for men, women and children – sarees, dress materials, salwar khameez, lehengas, sherwanis et al at value for money rates. In addition to this ethnic extravaganza you could also shop for jewellery – imitation and gold, bags, foot wear, home furnishings and much more. Promising the highest quality wares at reasonable rates this bazaar is for the long term investor desiring light-on-the-pocket shopping!
Location: Near Malad Station (West)

Bazaar: Malad Fish Market
Malad Fish Market gives Mumbai’s non vegetarian cuisine story a finishing touch. Scores of fishermen and women come here daily to offer the coastal bounty – a wide variety of fresh sea food ranging from fish like mackerels, pompfrets and sardines to crustaceans like prawns, crabs and shell fish. An early morning trip to the bazaar could fetch you good deals at wholesale prices.
Location: Near Malad Station (West); behind Natraj Market.

Shoes Image: Ekta Valecha
Shoes Image: Ekta Valecha

Bazaar: Hill Road and Linking Road
The hub for every fashion conscious collegian in Mumbai, Hill Road and Linking Road are awash with a plethora of colourful and trendy accessories – footwear, jewellery and apparel – thus tapping the fashion pulse of this vibrant city. Scores of small time shopkeepers beckon to eager buyers from behind neatly arranged racks of sequined mojaris and comfortable flats, carts stacked with chunky neck pieces, bangles and earnings and piles of chic vests, shorts, trousers, dresses and tee-shirts. These streets offer the best bargains and have something for every one.
Location: Hill Road (Near Elco Market ) & Linking Road – (Bandra Station is closest)

Flower Girl, Dadar Flower Market Image: Arun Shanbag
Flower Girl, Dadar Flower Market Image: Arun Shanbag

Bazaar: Dadar Flower Market
Get off on Dadar station and you feel like your oxygen supply has been cut off. Then get out of the station and under the flyover; the wonderful fragrance of orchids and chrysanthemums brings you back to life. Dadar Flower Market – the railway station market and Meenatai Thackeray Market on Elphinstone Road – sells flowers that have been sourced from different parts of Mumbai and even outside the city. Make a morning trip before 9 and you’re sure to find colourful, fragrant and rare varieties of flowers at rock-bottom prices.
Location: Old market – outside Dadar Station (West) and under the flyover. New market – On Tulsi Pipe Road in between Dadar and Parel

Bazaar: Zaveri Bazaar
At Zaveri Bazaar, all that glitters is gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones. One of the most popular jewellery markets in the city, Zaveri Bazaar is lined up with numerous family-run shops offering a wide variety of traditional and contemporary designs making it the heart of the gold market in Mumbai. Setting the bench mark for gold prices thorough out the city the market offers lucrative deals. Apart from jewellery you can also shop for picture frames, clips etc. and can also observe thousands of artisans and craftsmen working on meticulous and intricate ornament patterns.
Location: Bhuleshwar (South Mumbai)

So which bazaars have you been to in Mumbai? Share your stories!

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Melissa Nazareth
Idealist. Feminist. Brevity advocate. Tries to read and write as much as she should. Loves KFC and cola.