Mumbai Monorail: While Media Declares It A Hit In The First Week, Some Mumbaikars Think There’s Time Before We Celebrate

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Barely any time has passed since the inauguration of the new T2 terminal and Mumbai has added another feather to its hat with the launch of the monorail. The first operational line between Wadala to Chembur was inaugurated on 1st February and has already found a massive army of commuters from the ever bustling and crowded city. Today, the Business Standard reported Mumbai monorail a hit, with 136,000 tickets in first week and a revenue of over Rs 10 lakhs. We spoke to four Mumbaikars who have traveled in these pink and blue coaches about their experience, what they loved and what can be improved in the forthcoming phases of the Mumbai monorail.

Akshay Iyer, Journalist
Destination: Wadala Depot on February 1, 2014 at 11:45 am (reached the station at 9 am to avoid the crowd)
What’s great: The spectacular views that the route offers.
What’s not-so-great: Poor crowd management, inexpensive fares and absurd rules that you cannot stay in the station beyond 20 minutes before the commencement of journey.
Has it has impacted your daily commute? Due to a very limited commuting range, the monorail has not had an impact yet. It will eventually once the entire stretch is complete.
Expectations from forthcoming projects: I do have hopes that the Monorail will help in reducing commuter density as it connects some important stations as part of the main suburban network. Also hope that stations will have water and coffee vending machines and clear public announcement systems.
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Snighda Manoj, Journalism and Mass Communication student
Destination: From Chembur (Fertilizer colony) to Wadala depot. She travelled with her sister and mother on Sunday, 2nd February 2014 and caught the train at around 1:30 pm.
What’s great: Speedy travel, a nice view and the air conditioning. It was sleek and modern and of course, the enthusiasm of the people who had jam-packed the station and the train was infectious.
What’s not-so-great: We waited for nearly two hours to get a ride. Two trains passed but didn’t halt as they were immensely crowded. Also, lack of seating space and awful frequency of trains added to it but maybe they will iron out the hassles eventually.
Has it has impacted your daily commute? No difference really. I travel to CST, hence commuting till Wadala is of no help to me.
Expectations from forthcoming projects: Lots of hopes from the next phase so that it covers a larger part of Mumbai.
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Divya Vinekar, Marketing Executive
Destination: Travelled in the monorail on 2nd Feb in the morning at around 9am. She boarded from Bhakti Park and went up to Chembur (the last stop) and back with her friends.
What’s great: It truly felt like an Essel World ride as we could see a large section of Central Mumbai. The token system is amazing. Monorails have an Emergency button where one can speak into a box and inform the officials of any untoward situation.
What’s not-so-great: The pink-coloured monorail we got into initially had no AC. It was pretty hot and a lot of people were travelling in it. The security was too strict and wasn’t allowing us to click pictures near the ticket counter. They were also manually stopping the crowd from boarding the monorail at once as if we were some school-going kids who were visiting the zoo! The ticket vending machine shut due to an overload of dispensing tickets on our way back. We had to stand in a really long queue to get our tokens. Seats inside the monorail are quite less.
Has it impacted your daily commute? It has not made any difference in my life because it’s on a route that I don’t travel by. Plus I’ve heard that it plies only between 7am-3 pm.
Expectations from forthcoming projects: Once the new stations come up I hope things will get sorted. It should be able to balance the crowd that we see in local trains now-a-days. They should make it available during peak hours for sure.
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Rohan Korgaonkar, Area Manager at stockbroking firm
Destination: Bought the smart card for Rs 150 at the station and travelled along with his daughter from VNP & RC Marg junction to Wadala depot and back to Chembur.
What’s great: The stations are neat and clean and the ride was smooth.
What’s not-so-great: The AC was not functioning well. In fact, there was a small ventilation window which was kept open by the monorail engineers who were constantly present in all the compartments and at all the stations.
Has it impacted your daily commute: The 1st phase from Chembur to the Wadala depot has not made any great difference to my life.
Expectations from forthcoming projects: The second phase which is coming up and goes all the way till Jacob Circle is going to be a sure hit the since it will take you right to the centre of the city. Travelling from Chembur to Dadar or Lalbaug area will be very convenient. Travelling to these parts of the city by road is expensive and time consuming considering the traffic. With the monorail it won’t take more than 20-25 minutes to reach the destination.
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: 3/5

Have you tried the monorail too? Share your experience with us at or comment below. We would love to hear from you. And if you haven’t already, go try it out!

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Shikha Chawla

Shikha Chawla
Aspiring writer and student. I bite off more than I can chew, literally. Also, a sporadic dancer. Willing to beg, borrow and steal for chocolates.
  • Sriram

    Had a monorail experience only on the second week of its run, wasn’t lucky enough to get a ride on the opening day thanks to massive crowd.
    Still a great experience, new mode of transport for mumbai. We can expect the crowd to reduce in the coming weeks. Once the complete stretch till jacob circle is done, i feel it will be of more use to public.